playing with barbies

Meet the girls. From left to right: Barbie, Barbie and Barbie. And their poodles – Larry and Peggy.
These are my girls. The one on the right is the first one I bought – Fashion Queen Barbie from 1962 or 63. The middle one is a Ponytail Barbie from 1962. And then there’s the blonde Ponytail Barbie from 1961. I have one more brunette Ponytail, also from 1961, but she’s not dressed. Yet.
The blonde girl is in her original clothes. I got her on ebay. The other two I bought from a local collection. They came in their original bathing suits and I had planned to make their clothes myself but have you ever seen how TINY their clothes are?* I ended up buying them dresses from a very talented lady on etsy who’s probably way younger than me and has way more patience (and better eyesight!). You can visit her shop here. I already had shoes to match their outfits thanks to a friend and her collection!
The white standard poodle is also an ebay find from many years ago. She’s been living in my poodle collection since I bought her over 16 years ago. She’s now finally got a mom of her own.
The miniature poodle was a recent ebay find. When I went Barbie mad and went looking for an early Ponytail model I came across him. He came complete with two outfits, two leashes, a food bowl and a couple of other bits and pieces. How could I resist?
I love them, though to be honest, I think I could probably make a pipe cleaner or felt poodle that looks better than either of these… their charm is in their vintage-ness.
I have big plans for these girls. But I have things to do before I start playing with dolls. (Playing MORE with dolls). I have a grooming room to finish, an office to clean up (so I can find my projects) and Bratz dolls to make over and list in my etsy shop.
The To Do list never gets shorter. It just changes so I don’t get bored of it.
* Tiny clothes on Barbies says the woman who’s now making clothes for repainted Bratz dolls!

1 thought on “playing with barbies

  1. Hi Barbie, Barbie and Barbie! My Midge wants to meet for lunch! {After I save a bunch of money to afford plane tickets!} I LOVE the poodles. I kind of remember that there were dogs, but it's a teeny tiny fringe of a memory that may not be a memory at all. Those poodles are fantastic.

    I have chores to do also. We need to get the living {mostly} empty in order to paint. Of course, that's after we went through more boxes and sorted the innards all over the floor. Now, we need to corral it all. I'm glad we've sorted some things. Now we know in what room they might belong. Enjoy your ever-changing to-do list!


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