my newest junky planter

I’ve had this gorgeous funnel shaped THING for a long time. Its some kind of filter, I presume it came from a water tank. I have no idea what it is… like so many of the things I collect, I just liked the shape.
I’ve had it for years. I’ve had various plans for it over the years. I was going to make a light fixture out of it at one stage. But its never happened. Its hung around in the yard most of the time, doing nothing useful.
Yesterday I decided it was time to do something with it. 
I’ve had many hanging planters over the years, mostly ones I made myself out of chains bought from the hardware store and steamers or colanders. I took one of the chains from a steamer with succulents in it and put them onto this rusty piece of gorgeousness of mysterious origins.
Who cares what it was in a previous life? What purpose it served. Now its a proud planter, holding a mix of succulents on the corner of our porch. In summer there’ll be tiny hot pink flowers forming a halo around it.
Below it sit my old mop bucket – one of my favourite planters of all time, the steamer which lost its chain – sacrificed for the greater good, and my camelia, in a new spot.
See, I’ve had this camelia for a year and it wasn’t doing great. Not where I had it… so, I’ve moved it. Its a heavy pot… moving it was pretty much impossible on my own… till I made a rolling base for it!
I used some pallet wood, made a frame and added castors. Now I can move it anytime I get the urge – to where it’ll get more sun, where the frost won’t get it or just a couple of inches to the left.

Meanwhile some months ago I posted about my change of heart regarding geraniums after seeing a photo of pelargonium apple blossom. Well… I was lucky enough to get a cutting of it from a really nice lady. And look at it now!

My formerly black thumb might be getting a tinge of green!
Before I go I’d like to show off my newest toy:

Isn’t that little tricycle the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Imagine plants in the little wagon… 
Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “my newest junky planter

  1. Your succulents always make me want to run out and get some of my own. I have some planters ready for them. I'm just having trouble taking the jump. There are so many plants I want for the yard. We really need to hire a landscaper to do one project. It requires a long, long row of digging and planting…something we aren't physically capable of doing, and we need a rototiller or something. I think I'd rather just pay someone to do the work outside.

    I love your funnel hanging planter and the other ones on the porch. Wheels are good when you have something you need to move. Dirt is heavy!


  2. Yes, while I had two jobs I always paid someone to do my gardening. I'm not built for it. 🙂 Sometimes you're better off doing the things you can do and are good at and paying someone to do the stuff you don't know about.

    As for succulents – I don't think I bought a single one of them. I've been getting cuttings from friends and picking them off the side of the road for years and they spread. They really are so easy to grow. Of course, some don't do well in frost, but other than that I've found that they'll grow in any soil except really wet, so you don't need special potting mix for them. Just don't over water.

    Good luck!



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