barbie with tattoos


I love this girl. She’s my first rockabilly pin up barbie doll.

Do you know what a rockabilly pin up girl is? Its a cross between a modern day rockabilly chick and a 50’s pin up girl.


Gorgeous. I guess I’m lucky I never saw this look when I was a rockabilly or I’d be covered in tattoos now. Not quite so attractive when they’re stretched out beyond their original size. hehehe.

Check out my Pinterest page for more images. Of the pin up girls, not me.

This barbie was a mess when I got her. You can imagine – she was a tip shop find. Her hair was a matted mess and she was dirty. But there was something about her that I really liked. I don’t like all newer barbies. I love the vintage ones, but the later ones, well… some are nice and others not so much. This one had something special and I looked at her and thought: pin up girl.

First thing I did was give her a good wash and work on her hair.


Given how frizzy the hair was I was surprised how well it came up. I made rollers out of straws and created victory rolls in her hair. (After watching YouTube videos on how to do them since I’ve never done one in my life!)


Once the hair was set I made a bandana, using pins to secure it while it dried in place. Either that or I just like torturing dolls…


Of course any rockabilly pin up girl worth her salt has tattoos, so I had to do those!

(Yes, there are often naked and sometimes headless dolls lying around the kitchen and bathroom. The place looks like a serial killer in training lives here…)


I found this great dress on ebay and decided not to risk my less than perfect sewing skills on my first pin up girl… The finished product is stunning. She looks pretty and sexy.


Her hair has turned out better than I had hoped. Especially considering what I started with!


And her tattoos are fun! Teeny weeny tattoos. I think I need a stronger magnifying glass. Do you know how skinny barbie arms are?


This girl will be listed in my etsy shop soon… As soon as I find some time to package and weigh and sort out postage.

Is it just me or is life way too busy and complicated?

I thought working from home would mean I got more time to do things I wanted to do, but instead I feel like a hamster on an exercise wheel: my goals (crossing items off my endless To Do Lists) remain out of reach. If anything, they seem to be dancing away every time I think I might grab one of them.

Is it just me? I’m beginning to think it must be. I’m one of those people who want to do everything and be everywhere and be involved in everything.

“No” is a theory to me.



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6 thoughts on “barbie with tattoos

  1. This is too cute and very creative! Plus, no, you are not the only one spinning in circles thinking everything is of utmost importance. I’ve spun around hundreds of times today already šŸ˜‰ Visiting from Talk of the Town!


  2. I’m spinning in circles, too. There’s a lot going on around here. Things are happening to/for the house. I am excited. Anxious. Manic at times. Now, Katie is painting while my old-lady hip is giving me grief! Maybe I can help her later on today, but she might be done before I wake up. I’ve yet to get to sleep, and it’s 5 am.

    I love this barbie! I don’t know anything about rockabilly. I’m not that into tattoos, either, but you always do a find job on your dolls. They turn out so well. You are an artiste, my dear! I appreciate your art.

    I’m a stay at home woman, and I don’t have lists, but I have tons to do. Katie goes back to teaching in about a week. Maybe instead of having fun with her, I will have to give myself some goals. I’ll surprise her with what I’m doing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Hang in there, Zefi. Talk soon. Fonda


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