shoot me now – bathroom stage 2.5-3ish

You know how there are some things you’d rather not see? Well, this bathroom renovation is full of things I’d rather not have seen. Like, I could live happily without ever seeing men in boots stepping on my new acrylic shower base while putting the glass sides up. Or seeing the amount of cement-like tile glue all over my floor, the tiles, the walls, the shower base…

I’m going insane.

I keep telling myself this isn’t the guy’s first job. He knows what he’s going. It’ll all turn out great. I hope.

I’ve watched gazillions of TV renovation shows. And they never, ever look as messy as what I’ve been looking at all week. Sigh.

Anyway – this is after the cement sheeting went up and the wet area paint was put on the walls.


The next step was to put in the shower. All was going well till we unpacked the corner acrylic shower walls and found this… about 10 inches of deep scratch. Not impressed. But by then it was already Saturday and we’d been without a working bathroom for almost a week. I was over showering in the hydrobath. I was not waiting for another one to be brought down.



The plumber did a bit of sanding and its better but its not exactly fixed. I’m not happy about it.

This is the bathroom after the shower went in (note, no taps – still not usable!) but before any tiling began.


Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the vanity. This is the old cabinet with the Ikea sink sitting on top – I had to see how it would look. I’ve had to make it a bit higher and a bit deeper and I did that by using bits of pine on the top and back. I’ve added trim around the top to give it a bit more character.



I spent ages trying to decide on a colour to paint it. I wanted blue – a light blue. But I also liked yellow… I tried about 2 different blues and 2 yellows by painting swatches on it and none of them appealed to me. So I went with something similar to the minty greens I already have in the house. I’ll share pics soon.

This pic was taken last night – we could use the shower… but we couldn’t use the bathroom cause the floor tiles needed to dry… sometimes you just can’t win.


See all that stuff on the floor and tiles? sigh… is this normal?

And this is tonight. Tonight we CAN shower. I did. Good, cause I really needed it!

Again, all the crap on the tiles… I sure hope he’s right and it comes off easily. I’m tired just looking at it. It seems I’m always cleaning and its always a mess around here. Mainly cause it is.

Oh well. It’ll be over soon.

But I must admit, I love the tiles!


PS. Sorry this is flat. I’m tired but I really wanted to share progress.

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