princess and the pea bed


Its finally finished. I think I started this project about two years ago. Maybe more… nah… whatever. Ages ago.

It sat on top of the wardrobe in the office, a wire bed without a base and without mattresses… But the idea was there. A very tall bed, with a stack of mattresses, fit for a princess.


It was finally time to finish it. I had to put wire on the base to hold the mattresses, then I had to make the mattresses. It wasn’t difficult, just fiddly. I had scraps of fabric and batting, I made up a small pattern to fit the bed and got making.



Its a bit wonky but that’s part of the charm, its all hand made without jigs or anything.

I love working with wire, I’ve made a few beds, cups, a teapot and other stuff, but this is the first TALL bed I’ve made. What fun.

Sorry for the pics, Its really hard to photograph wire items!


5 thoughts on “princess and the pea bed

  1. This is so sweet. Where is the pea, though? Gotta have a pea!!! Sometimes, I feel like I’m that princess. There will be a tiny something that I’m laying on, and I practically tear the bed apart finding that “pea”! This is such a pretty object.


  2. Thanks guys. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ll be taking it to the Etsy Makers Market in November. Hopefully someone will get it as a Christmas present! πŸ™‚


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