revamped phone table


Its been a great start to the year – I’ve already managed to finish a few projects I’d begun last year, or had sitting around on my To Do One Day list. Case in point – this cute little phone seat/table.


I’ve always loved these mid century pieces, especially the metal ones. But I don’t always like the vinyl seat covers or the old faux woodgrain formica tops. Here is one I did previously, replacing the top with strips of tassie oak.


Anyhow, I had this one, which is nicer in a way with its angled style. It took me ages to decide how I wanted to do it. In the end I decided to use one of my experimental tops and to reupholster the seat.


Actually I had to make the seat from scratch as when the time came to finish this I couldn’t find the original seat… Typical. I’d put it in a safe place…

So, I made and upholstered the seat using foam and batting, some timber and some gorgeous toile fabric I had in my stash. The black and white fabric looks great with the black metal and the grey concrete top. A kind of shabby/industrial mix.


The concrete top is my experiment… I wanted to find a way to make my own concrete tops for coffee tables and other bits of furniture, but didn’t want the weight of concrete. I tried out a few different methods and this is one of the resulting pieces. Its a bit of pine which has had a layer of concrete mix applied to it, been sanded back a bit and sealed for protection. Its got a nice concrete look, imperfect and still light enough to move without needing a forklift.



It was sold pretty fast when I listed it so its already in its new home. It was fun to do and fantastic to actually finish it!

On to the next project… Actually, I have a few finished projects to share over the next few days. Meanwhile I’m working on the bathroom to get it finished. So far I’ve painted the mirror and bought the bits I need to make my window cabinet. I finished the door trim and need to paint the window and door surrounds. I also need to sort out the corners… and my storage baskets or boxes… then the bathroom will be finished!


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3 thoughts on “revamped phone table

  1. I love these telephone tables, especially the one you just finished. It has a place for a nice thick phone book, too. You did a nice job. I’m glad your bathroom is coming along. Before you know it, it will be finished!


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