step ladder


When I first saw this little step ladder it was looking pitiful. The top was broken in half and the red paint was mostly rubbed off.

I got it at an farm sale a couple of years ago. I put it in the shed with all the other projects I would get to one day.


You know one day, don’t you? Its that day that may or may not come around sometime this year, or three years from now. In this lifetime. If you’re lucky.

Well, one day came for this little step ladder… though, to be totally honest, it had a few false starts. First I moved it from the shed to the laundry area. Left it there for a while. Then I moved it to the storage room. And left it there a while longer. Then I got tired of moving it so I got out the glue and clamped it tight and left it a little longer to dry.


But I couldn’t rely on glue alone to hold together the top. There’s too much strain on it. Not that I recommend anyone use it to actually step on! GOSH. No way. Its a cute step ladder, but its step laddering days are over. Its more a plant stand or side table these days.

Anyway, my solution to the broken and glued back together again top was to bind it with some metal strapping.


I don’t know what this strapping came from, but we’ve got quite a bit of it rusting away in our top paddock. I’ve collected some to stop it from rusting any more and Wayne has used it for a few of his projects.

I think it really suits the little step ladder.


I also repainted the top. I forgot to mention that. Nothing else needed painting or fixing, just the top.

It turned out great. And now it has a new home. I sold it at the market on the weekend. I couldn’t find a spot for it here. I already have enough side tables and ladders, mores the pity… sigh…


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