helen of troy

Not too long ago I got an order for a Helen of Troy doll. Now that she’s in her new home I thought it’d be a good time to share her.


I was asked to make a doll to match Helen from the movie. I had a few photos as reference so I found a doll to use and began work.


First I had to buy various beads and gold bits and pieces. Then I had to make an outfit.

Of course, I had to work on the doll too. Most dolls I work with need their hair restored from frizz to pretty (if not completely replaced). This time I was lucky, I was able to restore her hair.


After removing the factory face, I painted in my own Helen of Troy face.


I made her a crown and earrings out of the gold bits I bought. I made her some jewelry as well.


Her sandals are Bratz sandals which I repainted gold. I curled her hair and here she is.

helen2 (2)helen5

helen1 (2)

Her new owner is thrilled with her. And I’m pretty pleased at how she turned out too!

I’m currently working on three more special order dolls. I’ll share them when they’re finished!

Aside from that, I don’t have a lot to share. I’ve been very busy but I have a few little things on the go, so stay in touch!


4 thoughts on “helen of troy

    • Be very VERY careful. I began with a couple of dolls from an op shop. I now have a bookshelf full of them. And I just bought more cause the price was right. ugh.


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