we have turkeys


Yesterday we welcomed two more mouths to feed  critters to our menagerie of feathered friends. Two male turkeys.


We got these boys from the RSPCA where they were being cared for after being seized from a neglectful place. I’m not sure of any details, but when a friend mentioned that there were turkeys looking for new homes, Wayne was first to jump at the chance.

He likes big birds that make noise.

Seriously. He wanted turkeys cause they gobble. He wanted geese cause they honk. We have a really loud farm. Forget the peace and quiet of the country! Around here you’re never able to sleep in.


There were girls to be had as well, but after our experience with the geese*, I didn’t want more eggs to steal.

*I bought Wayne 3 geese for Christmas a few years ago. Two boys and one girl: Jethro, Hank and Annabelle. We now have 14 geese, and the only reason we ONLY have 14 geese is that I crawl around and face off with angry female geese every summer when they lay eggs and steal them.

So we now have two male turkeys. I really hope they don’t start fighting like the roosters do. The ganders don’t fight… maybe we’ll get lucky with the turkeys…

For now only one of them has a name. The black boy is called Polanski. Roamin’ Polanski to be exact… cause he’s already figured out how to get out of the paddock we put them in to settle them in (and introduce them to the horses who’ve already stood at the fence wondering at the new family members). Polanski can get in and out of the paddock at will.

Luckily for us, the brown boy isn’t as nimble (or maybe as adventurous) so he hasn’t made a break for freedom yet. I say luckily cause we really were expecting to wake up this morning and find them both gone. I think the only reason Polanski hasn’t run off is cause his mate won’t follow him. Yet. Or hopefully ever.

We think they’re young boys as they’re not gobbling yet. We look forward to that soon.

Did I mention we have magpies? Yes! I’m so thrilled! We’ve never had magpies here before. To me their song is the sound of the australian countryside. Well, them and kookaburras! But we’ve had those, and enjoyed their laughter regularly. Its great to have magpies here now  too.

And just so you know, I got a new tablet and this is my first post on it! Its taking a bit of getting used to…



5 thoughts on “we have turkeys

  1. Oh Zefi, what a fun farm you have! I think a cacophony of birds calling and singing would be so nice to wake up to. Here we wake up to the sounds of traffic. If Wayne wants a loud mouthed bird, you should get him a peacock, I know first hand how loud they are, but the beautiful feathers make up for the noise. I love the song of the Magpie. I had never heard it before now, so thank you for sharing that too!
    As for a name for the brown turkey, I have a very in-original name – Timid Thomas because he does try to escape, and you know, “Tom” Turkey. Have fun with your feathered friends!


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