a bunny ear-phone holder

Have you seen the cutest little bunny ear-phone holder on Pinterest?


Well. I had to try it. Its just so darn cute! (I’m not the only one who tried it. You can see other examples here.)

So, meet my bunny. I made him out of extra thick felt and put stiffener between the front and back on the body to make him stronger. The ears and tongue are made from  regular thickness felt squares.


Pretend you don’t notice where I went off kilter with the sewing machine on the ear…


I gave him a little something extra… a pom pom tail!


And, I couldn’t make him without making him more ‘mine’… hence the button eye and the X eye. My little imperfect bunny.

Since I finished him I’ve also added a little clip to his side so I can now clip him to my bag. That keeps him from getting lost (falling out of the bag or falling to the bottom of the bag requiring me to empty to entire bag to find him), and keeps him handy.

I’m happy with my little bunny.


3 thoughts on “a bunny ear-phone holder

  1. He’s super cute!! Something I can use with my traveling and needing to use my earbuds to hear anything over the road noise, plus all the charging cables for my iPad and phone. I can see making a little sparkly mermaid for my unruly wires!! Love the eyes – you always kick every project up a notch to make it your own!

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    • I’ve never bothered with ear buds and stuff, but while overseas next month I want to be able to listen to books and music at the beach… hence the need for a safe, tangle free method of transport. Your mermaid idea sounds intriguing!


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