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Hello. My name is Zefi and I’m a sugar addict.

I’m the poster child for sweet teeth, forget sweet tooth!

There have been days in my life where not only did I eat sweets, but I ate only sweets. In fact, there have been plenty of times I’ve disgusted myself.

I know that diabetes runs in my family, and yet I chose to live with my head in the sand. Like Tom Hanks (I love Tom Hanks!), I lived like life was a party and there was no tomorrow.

My last two few visits to the doctor went something like this: “You have high blood pressure. Not too high, but a bit of concern. You need to lose weight and exercise more. You’re healthy and all, but you need to lose weight and exercise more. You’re insulin levels are fine, at the moment, but you’re not exactly metabolising sugar really well, which is a precursor to diabetes… you need to lose weight and exercise more. Stop eating sweets and carbs. You need to lose weight and exercise more. ”

You get the picture.

The visit before last I began to walk. I’d take the boys for a 1 hour walk most mornings (a real walk, not an amble). But like most things, life got in the way. How do I make time to walk daily and still be able home on time groom? I need to work.

Last visit I thought ok, I really need to do something. Really.

So I decided to cut down on sugar.

Like, stop eating sweets. Like not stop sugar in my coffee, but not eat sweets. I can do that. Surely…

Then I realised that I actually have to be a bit more proactive than that. The problem is I’m so lazy when it comes to thinking about what I should and shouldn’t eat. I’ve always worked on the “I’m hungry, I’ll grab something to eat” principle. And if what I grab is a ‘healthy’ sugar-filled muesli bar, or a slab of chocolate cake, well, I ate something

I always disliked all those ‘my body is my temple’ people who bore everyone to death about their diets and that, somehow, always seem to be sick…


I don’t want to be one of those boring people: a ‘born again’ healthy person.

And yet, here I am. Working my way towards a holier than thou position if I succeed.

Its been almost a week with minimal sugar. I’ve resisted the licorice bullets on the table and the chocolate biscuits in the cupboard. I let Wayne finish the chocolates. Today I had coffee without sugar for the first time. I’ve been having tea without sugar for 2 days. I’ve snacked on cheese and crisp bread, I ate one slice of toast with my eggs instead of two, I ate one jelly snake and I had ice cream three times. (Ice cream doesn’t count…)

Ok. I’m not perfect! Its a work in progress!

Thing is, I don’t know how long I can keep this up or if I can even. So far it hasn’t been that hard, no bad withdrawals… but when it comes to reading labels at the supermarket and putting things back “cause that has sugar in it” … hm… and how do I live without bread and pasta?

The theory is that if I can get myself under control now, I won’t actually get diabetes and won’t ever have to deny myself sweets forever more. Right? Please tell me that’s right. I can still have an ice cream now and then if I don’t have ice cream 5 nights a week, plus 6 chocolate bars, 3 bags of lollies, a slice or two of cheesecake and 2 packets of biscuits…



I hope.



4 thoughts on “no sugar

  1. I’ve had to give up sweets, too, and I was a sugar addict!!! Katie and I are having bariatric surgery, so it’s a complete lifestyle change. I won’t go on, but we are leading a healthier lifestyle. I have problems exercising though because of the arthritis in my knees. Maybe after surgery, I’ll go to the gym and get in the “baby” pool and “run” back and forth. The impact on my knees won’t hurt so much. Katie’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, and mine is June 5th. Send us some positive energy!


  2. That is funny. I’ve been thinking all day yesterday I need to write a blog about my dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. Showing people all the behind the scenes crap that comes along with it….like 437 holes in my finger where I have to prick it constantly! Or the scar tissue…aka fat….that lies around my stomach from needles. Just letting you know I’m right there with ya sister….I LOVE sweets!!


    • You poor thing. I don’t kid myself that even Type 2 diabetes is bad compared to Type 1. I worked with a boy with had Type 1 and had to oversee his levels and make sure he did his tests on time etc and it must be so much harder than living with ‘no sugar’. LOL Plus, I’m trying to avoid getting Type 2… maybe I can avoid it if I start being good now. So far so good. I bought Stevia to try for my coffee but haven’t had a single tablet yet. I’m really trying to stay away from anything sweet, made with processed sugar. I’m eating fruit when I get a sweet craving and I have a whole new appreciation for pears and apples right now. I bought myself a couple of sugar free chocolates the other day and had one… hm… ordinary, but the coconut in it helped. LOL

      When I’m in Greece it should be a whole lot easier – watermelon is something I can live on forever. 🙂


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