a quick and easy quirky pouch

You know what its like… you’re flat out busy, you have a To Do list a mile long and the phone never stops ringing.

And yet, suddenly, you feel the urge to make something.


This little pouch wasn’t on my list, that’s for sure. I was thinking I needed a small ‘something’ to put some thread, needles, scissors and bits so that I could take them with me to places just in case I got the urge to create.

You know how that is, right? Its not just me?


So, there I was, in the office/craft room/hive of creativity thinking “I have enough time to whip something up”.

I grabbed an offcut of blue fabric with white stars and worked out how to make a pouch out of it utilising the odd shape of the fabric as a feature. I thought the red with white dots would look great with it, so I added that. Added buttons and an elastic hair tie as a closer and voila!


A cute, handy little carry pouch for small embroidery type supplies for that downtime when you get the urge to do something with your hands.

And a quirky shape to boot!


2 thoughts on “a quick and easy quirky pouch

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