moving right along (no pun intended)


This is not me… but it sure feels like it is!

Don’t they say moving house is one of the biggest stresses a person can go through?

Add to that moving across the world and you have some idea of what I’m going through right now…

The house looks like a hurricane went past, scattering things all over the place, taking some things with it as it ripped through – there are gaps where bits of furniture used to be, boxes of stuff everywhere, piles of stuff to sort through and pack/toss/sell, confused dogs walking in circles… and me standing in the middle ‘lost sheeping’* as a friend used to say.

Overwhelmed by all the things that need doing.

Luckily I get spurts of energy and purpose and I go crazy for a few hours at a time. Once I am no longer working I hope I can put those spurts to better use and really get things moving.

We had a huge garage sale on the weekend and it barely made a dint in the things we need to sell before we leave here. We’ve been here for 8.5 years… things accumulate.

On their own mind you… I had nothing to do with it!

As if you’d believe that!

One of the best things about this move is that I am finally able to look at my stuff and let a lot of things go. Things which I collected and loved for years no longer seem so important. Its time to move on. What’s more important is life itself and family and friends. Things are just things… replaceable.

Part of the decision to move wasn’t just to be with mom and other family while they’re still here for me to be with them, but the realisation that life is short. I know we say it all the time, but its true. You never know how long you actually have…

I’m winding up my grooming business tomorrow, my hydrobath and the other grooming tools (the ones I sold) are being picked up the very next day. Its hard to say goodbye to a business I’ve built up from nothing to a full time job… but I’m taking my basics with me, who knows… I might do some grooming on Paros.

My power tools are coming with me, I can’t live without those! So are my art supplies and most of my craft supplies. Not to mention the mountain of dolls I collected to repaint and remake.

I’m really looking forward to spending my first few months on Paros creating art and crafts and finding myself.

Watch out world… here I come!

No, seriously, I really want to reconnect with the artist in me. Its been buried for too long. Sure, I’ve done commissions over the years but I haven’t painted for the sake of creating art. I’ve diverted all my creative energies into making STUFF. Not that I plan to give that up, it gives me too much pleasure… but I really want to try do some real art too.


We’ll see.

Can’t make a living off art…


*lost sheeping: the act of standing in the middle of a paddock with a blank expression on your face cause the herd is gone and you have no idea where you are or where you’re supposed to be.


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