oh boy!


Yes. Its hectic around here. People coming and going all day long… Piles of stuff to move to the casita for the garage sale…

I have notes on top of notes cause there’s so much happening I can’t remember it all. Lists of things for sale online, lists of things people have bought but yet to pick up, stacks of stuff to go with me to Melbourne, stacks of stuff to still pack for Greece…

My brain can only cope with so much… You know how it is… you put too much IN something has to go OUT to make room.

What’s my name again?

Luckily among the last things to be picked up are my bed, the kitchen table and chairs, the fridge and washing machine and the couch. My desk is gone. I’m now working on the laptop on the coffee table while sitting on the couch that no longer belongs to me.

Time is moving fast. Two more weeks. Then I’m outa here.

Better book a ticket for the ferry for me, the dogs and the car.

Better make a list of things I need to do before I go.

Better get back to packing.

I need a drink…


3 thoughts on “oh boy!

  1. Bloody hell! Two weeks to go and all that to do! Sounds as if you are doing a pretty good job of pacing yourself though. Keep with it. Sending lots of packing and pacing mojo 😉

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