i need a break


I have been so busy lately that I really don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I have so much on my mind that I often forget what I’m doing.

Ok, that’s not necessarily a new thing… I have those tendencies anyway, but lately its like I put one thing in my brain and another two items fall out the other end. There’s only so much stuff a brain can hold!

So, what’s been happening since we last spoke?

Well… we had 3 garage sale weekends. They went great, good and not so great respectively. Still, we did sell a heap of stuff. The problem was we had SO MUCH stuff that we still had tons left after 3 weekends of sales.

That’s when Plan B kicked in: friends who have shops and do markets have been picking up stuff to sell for me on commission.

And Plan C: giving stuff away to anyone who wants it.

Right now I’m in that place where there are still things to be picked up but timing is of the essence here.

For instance… do I really want the washing machine and fridge to go till at least 3 days before I have to go?

What about the bed?

The couch is going tomorrow as are the kitchen table and chairs… but I’m holding onto some non-matching chairs and my blow mould table so I have something to use in the kitchen and something to sit on other than an air mattress on the floor!

So… between now and Monday I have to sort, pack and see things off the property.

Monday my stuff gets picked up for the long trip to Greece.

Pre-settlement inspection is on Wednesday so I want the house and yard looking as empty and neat and tidy as possible.

On Friday me and the dogs are on the ferry to Melbourne where I expect to sleep a LOT before starting the next adventure (stressful episode) of finding my dogs a new home…

Only then will I be able to book my ticket to Greece.

Stay tuned for more chaotic news from my chaotic life.

It will get better.

One day.


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