never too old for fairytales

Isn’t that the problem though? We believe in the fairytale of the prince on the big white horse who’ll save us from everything, and the happily ever after and the everything working out, the good guys get all the riches and happiness they deserve while the bad guys get punished.

Perhaps the Grimm brothers had it right after all… if you’re gonna believe in a fairytale, believe in the ugliness of their stories. Cause life isn’t like a fairytale at all. You don’t find a prince (99.999% of the time you meet the frog and he turns out to be a toad), there is no such thing as happily ever after, best you can do is happily most of the time if you work on it. As for just deserts… well, maybe karma does exist if you’re patient enough. The tree on the gate at our old place in Tasmania might be proof of that.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, its that nothing just happens. You have to make it happen. Its all up to you and no one else.

I’m not really down on the world… ok, maybe just a little bit right now. Its the whole “I made a huge decision and acted on it immediately not giving myself time to really let things settle and I moved to the other side of the world and now its all sinking in and I feel a bit lost and miss my dogs like crazy” thing.

Everyone says I’m so brave. I don’t know. I didn’t think it was brave. I wanted to do it, so I did it. If anything it was a kind of selfish decision – I decided that I wanted to move back to Greece and live on Paros so I made it happen. Sure, I’m closer to mom here so I can spend time with her and be part of her life. Sure, I missed being surrounded by family (a decision I might come to regret, remind me I moved here to be closer when that time comes, ok?). But at the end of the day, it was that Paros called to me deep down, in my heart.

Greeks are like homing pigeons… we seem to fly back home even after being away for years.

So here I am. Happy to be with friends and family. Thrilled to be going to Paros in a couple of weeks. Actually waiting impatiently to be on Paros in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for this new life I dreamed of to start…

My own space, my own stuff (ok, borrowed stuff to start with), my creative space. The winter skies and the winter seas…

Till then I fill my days with catching up with friends, spending time with mom and the old girls, escaping the old girls to see friends and the constant search for wifi.

More next time I can connect without using up the pitiful data allowance my phone plan allows me… I’ve already had to invest more money to top up.


6 thoughts on “never too old for fairytales

  1. Can you get your babies back? I think they would help you adjust easier. I am so sorry you had to give them up. I just don’t think I could give up my little (10 lbs ) babies.


    • Its very expensive to fly them here, and Montana is too old for that trip. I would live to bring my Romeo here but i have to be realistic… my life is too unsure and unsettled right now. I don’t have a home of my own or a job. And by the time i sort all that out it would be unfair to him to uproot him again after he’s settled in a new home.


  2. Try not to be too harsh on yourself. I know you’ve moved countries/hemispheres before, but this move was a major upheaval and having to give up your beloved pooches carries its own level of stress let alone all the other stresses/stressors. Here’s hoping that you settle down once the new year rolls around. Some of us who’ve not even left home over Christmas/New Year can also be prone to be questioning the wisdom of what we’re doing. Sending big Aussie Huggs.


  3. It was a fast move lol. I only moved 250 miles away and it was a huge pain without nearly as much to settle as you had.

    How far away will your mom be when you move? Idle curiosity. Hugs on this cold winter night.


    • I’ll be living on Paros, the island mom was born and raised on. She spends about 6 months of the year there and its only 3.5hrs by ferry or 30min by plane away. So I’ll be here over winter for visits (and to do things I can’t do on Paros) and once I have my own home there she’ll be there more time. She has a huge social life everywhere she goes. LOL


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