settling in

I just love the old parts of Athens… Monastiraki, Psiri, Plaka… Its easy to get to for everyone and is the ideal place to meet up with friends so I end up going there often. Despite the old girls dire warnings of thefts and all kinds of evils, its just too nice to miss out on. I can honestly say its the best thing about being in Athens.

Its a mix of old, falling down buildings, graffiti and dingey-ness, and pretty cafes, restaurants and tons of shops and stalls. What’s not to like? Its always alive too.

On Sunday I went down and met up with a wonderful woman I met on Facebook. She owns a tattoo parlour on Corfu where she’s been living for 30 years and spends winters in Athens. She’s an amazing person, a rockabilly fan, an artist… we have so much in common. I am so glad to have met her. It feels like I’ve made a new friend for life.

Sunday was pretty quiet considering, I’ve never seen the streets of Monastiraki so empty. Maybe the cold put some people off. Who knows.

While the sun was out it was beautiful, but once the sun began to set I decided it was time to go home. Plus I’d already had to buy gloves and a beanie – it was pretty cold.

Other than that, what have I been doing all this time? Its only been 2.5 weeks but it already feels like months.

I’ve caught up with plenty of relatives on mom’s side and spent time with cousins on my dad’s side. I don’t think I’ll catch up with all of them… after all I have 23 first cousins alone, 19 of which live in Greece and have children who would apparently all like to see me.

hm. It’d be a full time job seeing them all.

Its funny how greek people talk. I’m always hearing “They’re good people. They love us very much.” Like loving us is a prerequisite to being a good person…

I’ve bought acrylic paints, some coloured chalk pencils, some brushes. I’m a magpie… I know I have things coming but when I see something I know I’ll use I’ll buy or collect it.

I now have the start of a plastic toy collection. I have fabric scraps and stuffing for my critters.

I still want to go buy pastels cause really… they are my preferred medium. Plus I plan to do more mixed media work.

I’ve bought a heater for Paros cause I’ll need it there. FOR SURE. And bought mom an electric blanket for her bed on Paros so that I can borrow it till mine arrives.

I’ve visited 2nd hand shops and bought myself some warm jumpers, cause… what on earth was I thinking? I packed all my warmest stuff in the boxes I sent over which won’t arrive till the end of February… See above comments about gloves and beanies. D’uh.

Not to mention waterproof sneakers.

My aunt Xeni gave me a gorgeous umbrella she’s had in her cupboard for 35 years. Very retro and never been used. I’ll get a photo of it one day I promise.

I’ve done creative stuff which I’ll share in another post or two. Just small things to keep me entertained.

I’ve designed a simple business card and have to go down the street to get them printed. Let me tell you, designing in Word is a challenge I never though I’d have to face. But I did it…

I’m planning to meet a cousin in Monastiraki today again. Hopefully the roads won’t be too slippery… Or she’s not snowed in… I might opt to walk up the hill to the bus stop instead of walking downhill to the closest one. The road looks deadly.

I’ve organised to meet some graussies tomorrow… That’s aussies who live in Athens. That will be fun!!!

I have to pack my bags for Paros. My aunt said 10th or later depending on the weather (the seas that is) so I figure we’ll go Thursday or else I’ll head off on my own.

The bureau predicts rough seas on Thursday but smooth sailing on Friday… hm…

I’ve been going to the gym. I’m really sore but don’t feel like they work me nearly as hard there as the gyms I went to in Australia. Mind you I did take a 2 week break… that’s why I’m sore.

So I’ve been pretty busy. And I like it that way. Being still means getting bored and I never sit still if I can help it.


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