anafiotika and graussies

Like I said… you can’t keep me away from the old centre of Athens.

Well… I almost had to stay away cause I went there yesterday and came home with a sore throat and a headache. I drank the most hideous concoction of boiled oregano, sage and honey. Eeeewww-yuckety-yuck-yuck. But I think it worked as I woke up this morning feeling better.

So I did what had to be done and went in again today…

Today I met up with the ladies from the Graussies group on Facebook (that’s greek australians living in Athens to you). The above is the view from the cafe we met at.

Ok, no photos of the group, I didn’t take out my camera at the time, but you get the picture. I was the freshest among them, having only just moved here. Others have been here as long as 30+ years.

But as I said, I was there yesterday too. Below are photos of Syntagma Square cause I got off the bus too late to switch to the metro and had to walk down. But hey, walking is good for me and its not that far.

So, what is Anafiotika?

Anafiotika is a tiny neighborhood of Athens, part of the Plaka – the historical neighborhood next to Monastiraki, right beneath the northeastern side of the Acropolis. The Anafiotika are special in that they are a neighbourhood built by workers from the island of Anafi and other Cyclades islands, who came to Athens in the era of Otto of Greece to build his palace. The homes these workers built for themselves look like the houses of their islands, small square homes with narrow cobble stoned streets and steps… its like being on a greek island in the heart of Athens.

Basically, its gorgeous.

And again, more photos of decaying and crumbling old buildings. Cause I just love them. Its so sad to see these beautiful old places falling apart…

Such beauty in the destruction…


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