why do something in 1 day when you can do it in 3 months?

Seems to be the story of living in Greece. Although I recently heard its way worse in Mexico (and I’m sure in a lot of other countries).

Anyway, I’m in Athens. I’ve been here for a week today and looks like I might get lucky and be done by the weekend. Turns out that cold I couldn’t shake has turned into a saga which has me chasing tests. Fun Fun. No private health for me here. In fact, no public health really either… all out of pocket.

Hey, it’ll be worth it if I can get to the bottom of this thing.

Basically – I’ve had reflux for quite a few years – thanks to mom’s side of the family where it seems every second person has it. In your face doctors who said I needed to lose weight. All my aunts who have it are slim! Anyway… losing weight is good advice, whatever. Thing is I’ve never had it this bad before. And I had been great for months: sleeping without Mt Olympus at my back, eating whatever I wanted without paying a price. I got a cold and the cough turned me into Vomitting Veronica (anyone else seen Four Weddings and a Funeral?). I cough too much, I vomit. I eat something, I cough, I vomit. That’s one way to lose weight… I haven’t had a full night’s sleep for over 2 weeks, though thankfully I haven’t had to get up and vomit every night, just some… Its been “I’ll just go to bed and sit up a while” lately. sigh.

Mind you, these have been the most stressful 7 months of my life: making the decision to move to Greece, selling everything, finding new homes for my dogs… coming here, finding everything so difficult, looking for a house in my measley price range… Stress never helps with stomach related issues.

Add to that the fact that on returning to Greece I became a child again, unable to make a decision and feeling pushed and pressured by family at every turn. What happened to the capable take charge woman who lived in Tasmania? I really need to find her again…

Hopefully tomorrow marks the end of the tests and I’ll have an answer and, even better!, a way to fix this.

Then I can go back to Paros and muddle through my own mess there.

Other than that, what’s been going on… Well, I’ve applied for a few more jobs and am waiting to hear back from them. This is really uncomfortable you know? I applied for one job where the guy said he had others to interview and would get back to me. I didn’t hear from him for over 2 weeks and now he calls me and says the job is mine. I told him now I’m waiting to hear about 2 other jobs which, frankly, I’d prefer, and he gets angry and says “But I told you the job was yours and I told the others the position was filled”… Uhuh. Then why did you wait over 2 weeks to let me know? You didn’t do that, you interviewed everyone and then decided I was the best applicant. I wouldn’t have kept looking for work if I had a job lined up!


And people wonder why I’m stressed.

Did I mention that the job is 10 hours a day 7 days a week for 67 months? Ugh. I was desperate to get a job but I did wonder why I’d want to work more on a greek island than I even worked on my own job in Australia… and for way less pay.

This is Greece. I’m still waiting to hear from at least 2 people I contacted re jobs the first week I arrived on Paros, over 6 weeks ago. If I don’t call them, they won’t call me. I’ve been advised to stop being the silly polite foreigner.

Yesterday and the day before I called a guy who was selling a car online about 6 times. We made a time to meet and I called to confirm, no answer. I was on my way and decided that I wasn’t going to go to the other end of Athens unless I spoke to him, so after more calls went unanswered I returned home.

And he was selling something! Hint: if you’re selling something you have to respond to calls from interested parties!

Ditto with the house I want to buy. I’m chasing up the solicitor and the agent and nothing seems to be happening…

My cousin has apparently been re-financing her house. She’s been doing it for 3 months now. Why does it take 3 months? Who knows. Its Greece.

Ads on FB are the funniest. You’ll see a listing for something like this:

For sale – 1 euro – washing machine xxx brand

Nothing more. So you contact them to ask for price, location, phone number. And you never hear back.

Or you’ll see the odd ad which goes like this:

For sale – 150 euro – washing machine xxx brand – Parikia

You still have to hope they’ll respond and give you a number to call, but at least the basic info is there, right? And you get a million people asking:

“how much?”

“where is it?”

“what brand is it?”


Ok people. Read the &#@%ing ad first, then ask the questions! And you sellers: if you want to sell something you kinda haveta get back to people!!!

Ok. I got it out of my system now.

I’m calm again now.

More later…


2 thoughts on “why do something in 1 day when you can do it in 3 months?

  1. Hey Zefi we are sorry that this is proving such a challenge for you but despite the frustrations we are sure you will win through. once you have a more settled relationship with the new crazy environment you will win through! Being unwell doesn’t help of course so we wish you a speedy recovery. Much love Warren & Abi xx


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