don’t hold your breath

Being in Athens I managed to do the stuff I came for, plus some that weren’t on my list. What I did tick off:

I’ve seen the accountant for advice on how to live and pay taxes in Greece

I saw friends and relatives.

I got a jumper knitted for me by an aunt.

I got sick, visited doctors and clinics, had tests up the whazoo and got a diagnosis – turns out I have a hiatas hernia. Just like mom, my aunts, my grandmother, my great grandmother and just about everyone else on the planet.

I spent way too much money on all that since I have no health cover here. Yet.

I bought a car. Well, technically, I’ve almost bought a car.

The plan was simple: I found a car I liked. I saw it, put down a deposit. My visa card didn’t work on his machine so I had to do a money transfer from my bank in Australia to his bank in Greece. I go back, he does the paperwork, I take the car and I’m back on Paros for the weekend.


Don’t hold your breath.

The money isn’t in his account yet.

I showed him the receipt, the proof that the money has been transferred to his account, gone from my account, I can’t take it back. But till its in his account I can’t get the car. No way jose. No way round it. Trust me I tried every alternative I could come up with.

And its a long weekend.


So I won’t have the car till next week. If the banks are on top of things (you’d think that online transfers aren’t affected by bank hours wouldn’t you?) the money should be in his account on Tuesday morning.

Not holding my breath.

I won’t be back on Paros for another week.

Not happy!


PS It seems like all my posts lately have been gripes about Greece. Hang in there. There’s gotta be some good stuff coming soon. You’d think…

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