plugging along. kind of.


Well, I enjoyed a clean home for about a week. I cleaned and tidied after finishing work on Part 1 of the bookcase so I could I invite mom and her sisters over for a drink to see my new house now that I actually live in it (they saw it before I moved in to give me their approval of course).

I tried to kill two birds with one stone (ie one clean house, more than one visit – obligations doncha know) but I failed.

So be it. Mess wins.

A couple of days ago I pulled apart the second half of the bookcase and began to the process of white washing, aka known as Part 2 of the bookcase saga.

I say ‘began’ cause that’s all I’ve done.

My house now looks like a store room/workshop… again.

There are shelves on every flat surface with only the first coat of paint on them. I need one more white coat, then 2 of the varnish, so I have some work ahead of me. Not that it takes a long time to do. The layers dry quickly and if I had time at home* I would get it all done in a day. But I don’t have a day till my next day off. In a few days. Maybe.

Then I won’t have a day off for more than a week as the other girl who works in the office is going away…

Have I mentioned how tired I am?

*Time. That elusive thing… Wish I had more of it. And more energy to use the time I do have at home constructively and not just lying around sleepily groaning about how tired I am. And how sore my back is. Don’t ask. I have no idea what I did to it…

Mind you, the weather has been spectacular and its the end of summer so I find it hard to miss beach days doing things like working on my home or other projects. It just doesn’t feel right, knowing that soon enough the weather will turn again and I wont want to go to the beach and can dedicate all the time I want to HOME.

Still… I haven’t been entirely useless.

I took down the sail from the back courtyard. It needs a wash before I can put it away for winter cause it rained red dirt and its filthy. I had to buy a new tap adapter thingy cause the one I had broke so I couldn’t use the hose…

I bought hinges to make a keyboard shelf for the bookcase and screws to put in the bracket over the TV where I cut the bookcase to fit it. Then I can put the bookcase together again. After I finish painting it of course…

The antique couch is still sitting out the back wrapped in cling film, waiting for another coat of termite treatment before I can begin working on it… but before I do anything on that I want to be totally moved in… ie bring my stuff from storage…

Which means finishing the bookcase.

You know how getting one thing done requires a lot of steps beforehand, and leads to a hundred more after?

I feel like a mouse on a wheel…

The removalists who brought my stuff from Athens don’t do local deliveries so I either have to get someone else to do it ** or bite the bullet and try to do as much as I can on my own in my little car.

In order to get things in my little car I need to get the little knob thingies in the car fixed (they broke off pretty much soon as I bought the car) so I can drop the back seats…

I bought a trolley so I can move stuff without lifting it. I’ll need it not only to get stuff to my house, but also to get stuff into my basement storage unit.

** It would be great to be able to just afford to hire people and buy things, wouldn’t it? But when you work for the equivalent of an over-priced coffee an hour, you have to rethink things.

Like did I need a hand trolley? Yes I certainly did. Two days pay.

Do I need phone and internet? Yes, I do. Two days pay per month.

Ate out the other night… One day’s pay.

Had brunch out this morning: half a day’s pay.

I like those sandals… do I want to work for over 2 days to buy them? I think not baby puppy.

Its rather depressing that life is so expensive here yet wages are so low. I really don’t know how people manage, I really don’t. And instead of making it easier for people, encouraging small business which provides jobs and brings money back into the community and economy, the government thinks the solution is more taxes – driving businesses to bankruptcy and reducing people’s disposable income…

What a joke.

But I’m not qualified to discuss such matters and this isn’t a blog on the state of Greece’s economy or lack thereof. If you want to know more about all that find someone else to tell you. I can only tell you things that affect my life.

At least I can still afford chocolate.


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