suck it up sunshine

I miss having a garden.

A yard.

A workshop.

But enough about what I don’t have. Lets concentrate on what I do… I have a carmine bougainvillea which I’m looking forward to enjoying once it grows up my back wall and flowers. (The one above is not mine but I have my eye on one I would like to take a cutting off which is paler pink and white…)

I have some bright pink flowers in pots and some succulents growing in a variety of containers not originally intended for plants. Of course.

I have a small courtyard at the back where I will create a little relaxing/reading nook one day. And to hang my washing. And to make things and use power tools…

I have a patio out front with a sea view and eucalyptus trees blocking most of the view. But that’s ok cause I love eucalyptus trees. They remind me of home… My real home. Or my other home.

Being from two countries really sucks. I’ve always felt Australia was my real home, but who am I kidding? I’m greeker than I am Australian, but its that Australia has always been where I chose to live. Till recently.

Anyway, adjusting to life in Greece hasn’t been easy. I have issues with so much here, from the way people behave, the way they drive, the way they manage their environment, the tax system, etc etc. But I chose to come here to live so I have to suck it up and move on.

Adjusting to living in a single bedroom unit has been hard too. I love my little home but its not easy going from having 4 bedrooms, a huge living room, spacious kitchen, a yard, paddocks, and more outbuildings than you can poke a stick at to a little unit where I can literally see everything I own at one glance.

I mean I’ve always loved the idea of living in a one open space type of place, but in my fantasies the place was a warehouse, not a small unit!

Yesterday mom said a friend of hers was giving away a beautiful old wardrobe. Do I want it? Hell yeah, I want it. I want to refinish it and sell it… but where would I do that exactly?


I know I’ll sort my life out eventually, I know it takes time to settle into a place and find my niche (my space, my work). It just gets me down at times… I had just gotten my life in Australia to a nice place: working from home doing something I love (grooming dogs), with the space to work on any project I got into my head, my radio show, friends to go out dancing with, a gym I loved and actually wanted to attend…

Figures I’d want to change it all just when I got it right. Its the same principle as meeting a dreamy guy the day before you move interstate…

I love change and starting over, but doing it all at once can be as exhausting as it is exciting.


3 thoughts on “suck it up sunshine

  1. I know some of how you feel! I retired 10 years ago and sold my 1900 sq ft house with a yard. My intent was just to stay at my daughter’s in her mother-in-law suite until I found an affordable smaller house. I’m still in the dam MIL suite which is one large bedroom plus private bath and private entrance.

    It was very, very hard to give up my guest room, craft and ironing room and open kitchen etc. and no yard of my own. Luckily I was able to bring my three toy poodles. Only one still lives and I added a ShiTzu who is most delightful.

    I do have a wonderful daughter and son in law. No one is rowdy but playful and fun. No one is loud or mean. I belong to a group that’s world wide so I had a roomful of friends just waiting. But it meant also giving up many longtime friends and moving 250 miles from my only sister.

    So, I’ve sucked it up and I’m Not suffering like many my age. Someone will be here if needed and I’m grateful for that. I don’t know if I could have done the BIG move that you made. Kudos for your courage!

    Barbara Perrin Arlington, TX

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    • Being near family is so important as we get older. I know that I was more than happy to be far from my entire family all my life, but over the last few years I began to miss them more and more. Each trip to Greece would remind me how much I love being close to them. So here I am… If I was to move back to Australia I wouldn’t move back to Tassie where I have no family. I’d be moving back to the ACT where I have my brother and my niece and nephews and other cousins. I enjoy being part of the family too much now. I’m glad you love your new home. 🙂


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