christmas decorations and work

Phew. Its been busy around here. Makes me think I must have been REALLY wicked in a previous life.

Firstly, I thank my lucky stars that I’m the kind of person who is never without a job. In fact, I look forward to downtime between jobs and end up with another job before I manage to start a single one of my own projects.

After the hectic summer job in a travel agency and car rental office, I finished up end of October, had a week in Athens to visit mom, went back to Paros to start creating… and got another job. More on that in another post…

I also decided to help PAWS (Paros Animal Welfare Society) raise money for their new shelter by making stuff to sell for the Christmas markets. Firstly my friend Barbara and I ran a craft workshop (total disaster…) and then I just stuck to making things at home in the peace and quiet of my own living room/kitchen/office/craft room/sewing room while binge watching Netflix.

These are some of the things I made… gift tags, DIY air dry clay decorations, pocket warmers, among other stuff. It was work, craft, work, craft. Then it was market, market, market.

Lainee helping at the market.

I also fostered the cutest little jack russell for 3 weeks, and dog sat a cute little dachsund for one week. It never rains it pours.

The cute Toby.
Sleeping dogs in a mess of crafting supplies.
Indy who made himself at home.

But its finally over!

My new job is over for the season and I don’t go back till March too, so time for Zefi… but no….

Now I’m on my way to Athens again to look after a pit bull, a tiny blind yorkie, a cat and a grooming salon.

Boy was I wicked in that past life!

Since I haven’t posted in so long, prepare for a barrage of posts.