yeah yeah yeah…

I know. Bad blogger.

But things just happen… ya know?

Like I’ve had a lot to deal with. I might very well love adore living on Paros but in general there is SO much to adapt to about living in Greece vs living in Australia. I mean, for one thing, I lived in Aus most of my life and I knew how things worked there. Plus (until recently from what I read in the news) the government and tax system there actually made sense… it was a civilised country… People who wanted to start a new business or lived on low incomes weren’t pounded into the ground with no taxfree thresholds and a GST(FPA) of 24% on the first euro you made if you were self employed, and then income tax on top of that at the end of the year.

Being self employed apparently means that with insurance of 140e a month minimum (I hear the good news is its just gone up!) and 24% FPA, I get to keep 650 out of every 1000 euros I make, minus monthly accounting fees… and income tax where I can only claim 2000 untaxed receipts at the end of the year… that’s pretty daunting when you’re only starting!

Oh I miss Australia with its $24,000 tax free threshold! Heaven for a new business!

Its just felt like every time I got excited about something, starting something here, I got shot down. But I’ve decided I have to do it. I have to take the plunge, register a business number and start making it work. I can’t live on the pitiful pay here. I could subsist, maybe, but not live. I moved to Greece to be with family with the side benefit of being in Europe. I want to take advantage of being here to visit places I haven’t been before since a flight from here to another country could be as little as 1 hour. A bit different from living in Australia! Not to mention there are so many island in the Cyclades alone that I’ve lived my life hearing the romantic sounding names of but never been to visit… islands like Astipalea, Folegandros, Milos, Serifos, etc.

So, I am preparing get it started and make it work. Wish me luck.

I have a job lined up for summer. A very part time job so I can’t live on that, but it allows me time to build up a grooming business which is the way I want to go. And make things to sell cause making things makes me happy. The job is doing something I love too (painting art on ceramics), so theoretically I’ll be living the dream.

Meanwhile I just wanted to say the reason I haven’t posted in so long is basically cause I felt I had nothing positive to share. I do have some projects and I plan to start sharing them soon and hopefully get back on track with the blog and in my own mind.

So hang in there. I haven’t disappeared forever. I just to sort things out. Till then sharing good stuff will help keep me positive. 🙂


4 thoughts on “yeah yeah yeah…

  1. Zefi Greece is recovering from a financial crisis because everyone cheats on their taxes. Get a good accountant & join the majority.
    No matter how worrisome the challenges you have made the right choice! xxxx


  2. Well, its not just that people avoid paying taxes. Its that they never had to pay certain taxes (like rates). But the way the greek government seems to be solving the problem is by reducing everything (old people’s pensions get cut in half for instance) and increase taxes on everything, basically forcing people to have to cheat just to survive.


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