soft toys to keep busy

Time to share some of the soft toys I’ve been making lately. Some of them, like the two above, were custom orders as gifts. A cute bunny and a Trump voodoo doll.

There there are more Trump dolls for sale in my Etsy shop.

Let’s not forget Scott Morisson either… A Scomo voodoo doll for those who need to vent their frustrations down under. The voodoo dolls each come with 3 skull pins to enjoy!

Lastly a couple more cuties: another bunny order – 2 bunnies this time – and a teddy bear I made just for fun to be found in my shop.

I always have fun making stuff out of fabric scraps. Its a smaller way to create and I can do it comfortably inside my own little home.

Did I mention I now have mom’s old Singer? Its probably a bit older than mine (and mine is pretty OLD) but its like the Mercedes Benz of sewing machines compared to my little VW beetle. I learned to sew on it but its still taking me a while to get comfortable with it. It does so much more than mine does. Not that I ever do fancy work, but its just a much better quality machine.

Next time I go to Athens in the car I’ll take my sewing machine back to mom’s so I can use it while I’m there. I get bored if I cant work on something!

More scrap fabric projects to come, as well as some upcycled stuff. Stay tuned.


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