shut down

So… no trip to Denmark.

It was really weird in fact. I left Paros on Wednesday morning last week thinking things were safe. Greece had 76 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Denmark had 34. Schools closed down all over Greece on Wedesday morning but I figured it was fine. I was still going on my trip. The risks were really low.

On Thursday Denmark’s cases were up to 250 or something. WTF? I began to rethink the trip. Friday the cases were up to 617. I cancelled my trip.

On the one hand I think I wish those figures had become available before Wednesday morning, I wouldn’t have left Paros at all. On the other hand I’m thankful I hadn’t left for Denmark last week… I’d have been suck there unable to come back!

In Greece the cases are currently in the early 220s. Not bad for a country like Greece with so many refugees (and others) flooding the islands from Turkey, Iran etc. Turkey seems set on starting a war with Greece in an underhanded way now – by sending over as many unwanted people as they can. They deny they have any problem with the virus, but how can that possibly be true when they are sending over Iranians and Iran is one of the top affected countries?

Its a mess.

In Greece all schools, unis and other educational facilities closed last Wednesday. Since then all shops except food stores and pharmacies are closed. All cafes, restaurants and other places where people gather are closed. I saw an anouncement that from tomorrow they’re stopping public transport. They had recommended people avoid buses and the metro but looks like they may be shutting them down entirely. The government is urging people to stay indoors, stay home and stay safe. There are huge fines and apparently jail time for those who don’t respect the restrictions. They keep saying its our own responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe. But of course there are those who think that doesn’t apply to them… young people are still gathering. I heard they will fine parents for letting their children out!

I was torn… stay in Athens to be there for my mom and elderly aunt, or go to my own home… In the end the decision was made by my mother. She’s afraid the ferries will be stopped so she wanted me to go to my own home. And I’d had a nightmare that I’d gotten the virus and while in Athens, in mom’s house, I cant self-isolate. She and my aunt need to stay as safe as possible.

So, I’m on the ferry on the way back home. Where I can work on my own projects and stick to my own space. Luckily I live close to a beach and can go for walks in the fine weather and I have tons of hobbies to keep me occupied.

And thank goodness for wifi and netflix is all I can say!


1 thought on “shut down

  1. Stay safe, Zefi! We’ve done all of our grocery shopping, so we have a full fridge and freezer. We have plenty of toilet paper and cat food and litter. Katie will be teaching from home as much as that is possible. We were planning on driving to Ohio to visit my mother who is in a memory care facility, but they won’t allow visitors at this time. I made some hotel reservations – some that are nonrefundable. Still, I’ll try to get reimbursed, and they might do it considering the circumstances. But, I can’t get through by telephone or online chat. Everything is trickling down, isn’t it. Again, stay safe and make some art! Best wishes.


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