paros day 4: destroying food

Have you ever had one of those huge Pinterest fails?

Being stuck in the house can often lead to getting a serious case of the munchies, so there I was, trolling my food board on Pinterest. I had a couple of apples so I thought why not try these delicous looking apple cinammon chips?

Great idea.

This is what mine looked like:


Ok. So I wasn’t watching them. I sliced my apple up nice and fine (perhaps too fine), sprinkled brown sugar and cinammon on the slices, put them on a foil covered tray in a single layer in the oven on the temp recommended and waited. 

Then got bored of looking at apple slices and melting sugar that didn’t look any closer to cooking and stepped away…

Till the house filled with smoke.


Well, the ones which didn’t burn to charcoal (the thicker sliced ones) were really tasty! I think I’ll give them another try… this time without foil which sticks to them, and on a lower heat.

Meanwhile remember all those lists of things to make? I got the lists out today and called the timber yard on Paros to order wood to make a linen cupboard. Nope. They’re closed. So I thought I’ll just pop down to the hardware store to pick up a few hooks, screws and a few bits and pieces to do other odd jobs. Nope. Closed.

So I took a walk with Lainee to think about my dilema. Time to think outside the box. Time to collect old pallets and recycle. Time to get in my car at the crack of dawn and locate free pallets…

The wind is still disgustingly strong. It really does put you off doing anything outdoors. My sweet peas are growing… With this wind I’m thinking I need to move them to the back where they’ll be protected. I won’t be potting up anything new till the wind dies down.

Oh, and without a flashlight I can’t go down to the basement storage area… hm. I think I’m being pointed very insistently in the ‘use what you have on hand NOW’ direction…

In that vein I cleaned the house and put up the new bathroom curtain.


2 thoughts on “paros day 4: destroying food

  1. Most of the stores around here are just closing early…so far. Some have closed…period! I’ve been getting emails keeping me up-to-date on stores – brick and mortar and dot coms. It’s a very strange time. We will be going out to the library and the grocery store for bread, which I hope they have. Then, we’re going to the beach – just to look at the water, because it’s going up to about 80 today. Stay safe!


    • Is the library still open? Wow. I have a kindle and am so grateful for that as I have access to as many books are I want forever in one small table. Bakeries and even cafes are still open here, but only for take away stuff, no sitting anywhere. All tables and chairs were packed away last Saturday when the order came for all places of gathering to close. This way some places are able to stay open. I wish the wind would stop here. There are things I’d like to do outside but am putting off till the wind drops below ‘pick me up and toss me 100 metres down the road’ levels.


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