paros day 6: time flies

Today was a great day. Lainee and I walked over to my uncle’s house to do some work, only to find I’d forgotten to take my adaptor so couldn’t do anything requiring electricity. Cause of course all my power tools still have Australian plugs on them! So no progress on the curtain rod today.

Still, I did some hand sanding and managed to get another coat on the things I started painting so I’ll have something to share soon.

Lainee and I took the scenic route there and back, along the beach and over the hill. On the way Lainee made a new friend. You can see part of golden retriever cross, Babi, as he digs his way to the other side of Paros. Lainee is too much of a lady to dig on the beach. (Though apparently not to much of a lady to roll in rotting meat…)

Today there seemed to be some lingering aroma around the couch so I’ve washed the throws. I think its fixed the problem.

Meanwhile I brought home the gap filler I couldn’t find yesterday and began working on the chewed up table legs. It’ll need at least one more go to fill in the chewed bits so the legs look normal again… We’ll see how that goes.

The weather was perfect this afternoon, no longer windy and it was beautiful out so Lainee and I went for another long walk. Its that time of year when I miss having a garden to watch come to life…

My potted plants are starting to get new shoots which pleases me. I’m getting photo updates of my seedlings and they seem to be doing well. Fingers crossed on those. Hopefully I’ll get them home soon and have flowers around me again.

Oh, and I didn’t burn the spanakopita last night! Did I mention I put in a ton of cheese (cottage cheese, feta, grated cheese) and thought it might be too cheesy. Turns out you can never have too much cheese. I could have put in more. I think it needed parmesan, something I always had in the fridge in Australia. (Put it on the shopping list.)

Other than that, not much to share… Its already 9.30pm. Time flies when you’re having fun apparently. Its too late to start anything new (project wise) so I’m watching Netflix. I’m on The Last Kingdom now. At least I’m catching up with my TV viewing…

How is your lockdown going?


6 thoughts on “paros day 6: time flies

  1. OK well we are staying in Berlin for another three weeks or so, after which if travel restrictions allow we will go back to Maidenhead if for no other reason than Abi needing to tend to her garden.

    Either locale is CRAP from the POV of gym access – thanks so much Covod19, Angela and BoJO…anyway I get some exercise every day walking down to Lichterfelde which is about 2 miles round trip. Of course my bar is closed but I usually have a glass of Riesling in Litehouse which being a restaurant has the option to stay open. Yesterday I bumped into one of my mates from Charlie’s sipping a beer so everybody finds a way.

    I’m reading heaps of course. A new novel by Jim McDermott in the Otto Fischer series is particularly welcome. His hero in Berlin immediate post war lives and works in Curtiussstrasse which is the main drag in Lichterfelde so I recognise most of the landmarks. Also about 190 pages into the 900 page hardback of Hilary Mantel’s 3rdThomas Cromwell novel, ‘The Mirror & the Light’. This one has been a long time in preparation no doubt whilst she counted all the ££ from the first two, stage & TV rights etc. She has researched Cromwell’s voluminous records and this book seeks rather boringly to cover every moment of his life for which there is a record. The result is a cross between a gossip column and an A Level syllabus. Well as I turn each page doggedly I hope things might improve!

    Abs is busy with the girls especially Ellie and Ariane and we are all in effect self isolating so in the end we may live to be pleased that we did. Everybody in the street keeps to their regulation 2 metres and some of the smaller shops onlylet one customer in at a time.

    So here from lockdown Berlin that’s about as much news as I can dredge up!

    Keep up the determined effort Zefi!

    W xx


    • I just read the next in line book on my kindle, not spending money, just reading what is on there already… Though I am watching a ton of Netflix. Getting a square bum and square eyes. Though I have been walking. Lets hope the weather continues to be walk-friendly! Say hello to Abi, I totally get the garden thing. I’d be worried about mine. Since this is now home and I only have pots, I make do and take pleasure in tiny buds appearing on some plants. Stay safe and well!


  2. I worked on the garage. It needs so much help. Katie carted the boxes around for me, because I’m still weak. She also weeded some of the front yard flower bed. The daffodils are blooming wildly. I wish I could send you some! Hopefully, we’ll have a garage sale when it’s safer.


    • The way things are going it might be a while before things get back to normal, garage sales included. Still, getting things done always feels good. Its great to be productive. Are you still scrapbooking?


  3. Years ago, we lived near the beach. The Gulf if Mexico! I loved it and miss it. The family is planning on a trip in June. If it works I will miss it because we have too many pets! We have 5 dogs and three cats. Tori has 4 dogs!
    I can’t chance my pets. Raven has never stayed with anyone except me and my daughter. She’s 14 years old.
    Lockdown is ok so far. I got sick of the news so no TV at all today – just music all day! Daughter and I made a run to pick up food. We must support our local cafes! Only take out orders are allowed.
    Most businesses are closed.
    I talked to several people by phone today. That’s good.
    Terry (son in law) made a small grocery run yesterday as he needed to pick up RX. Today, he gave me my two new injections for my psoriasis. Lol.
    Tori (granddaughter) is grooming dogs 4 days. Her two school age kids are here during the day as she grooms here. The baby 9 month old, Auggie is being kept here by my son in law. My daughter is going to work as there office is locked during the work day and there is no place here peaceful for her to work from home! 😂. I think she plans it.

    Hallie had her 11th birthday and we had dinner and cake at Tori’s house. Cannon’s 12th birthday is April and so is Timi (daughter). Hallie got a baby ShihTzu for her birthday. So lockdown hasn’t been as hard for me as it is for many seniors who live alone etc.

    I’m really lucky! Now if I can only stay well!

    Keep on with projects. I enjoy them. And I miss having my big house to craft in. But I don’t miss the cost of keeping it up!



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