paros day 8: moving right along

Figured I’d write earlier today cause I’m actually in the mood to post right now.

This morning I woke up a little earlier than usual and was out the door with Lainee in tow, on my way to my uncle’s place to do some more work before 10am.

And I mean Lainee was literally ‘in tow’. When we got to the car she sat her little butt down and wouldn’t budge. So darn cute. It was like ‘Uhuh! I ain’t going nowhere without the car!’

I think these extra long walks might be getting a little much for her… She was really dragging today. Tomorrow (or this afternoon) I’ll be driving over cause I have things I need to pick up, but next time I walk over I might take her for a shorter walk and leave her home when I go.

The weather is gorgeous again so off we went after texting my intention to the hotline… we now have to text our name, address and reasons for being out to a free message service. You basically need permission to go out these days in Greece. These are the newest restrictions:

What to do before you go out?

1. Make sure you have some form of identification (I.D. or Passport) with you.

2. Download and print Form B from * and fill one EVERY TIME you need to go out.(Form A is for Employees, made once by the Employer)

There, you need to fill the reason you are out. These are:

1. To go to the Doctor or a health center FOLLOWING AN APPOINTMENT or Pharmacy.

2. To go to buy food, e.g. Supermarket, Bakery.


4. To go help people in need, e.g. elderly people, or go out for freelance work.

5. To go to ceremonies, e.g. Wedding, Funeral, Memorial Service

6. Physical activities/exercise, walking the dog. Up to two people, 1,5m distance between them.


1. You can hand write the form (like Ipefthini Dilosi) and sign it.

2. Send an SMS to 13033 with the # of the reason you go out, space, your name and residence. E.g. 6 Nick the Greek, Parikia Paros.

If you need to drive, up to two people in the car.

The Police, Municipal Police and Port Police will be patrolling. Failing to follow the directive, has a fine of 150€

Don’t go out, unless you HAVE to. Stay Home!

Quite a lot to deal with huh? But I have to say, I’m surprised and pleased that Greece has acted so fast and taken extreme measures. I was one of those who thought ‘Phah, what a big fuss over nothing’ to start with, but I see the rapid rise of COVID 19 cases in countries who didn’t respond as fast or as seriously and am thankful.

So today I spent about two hours finishing up a few things I’d started, another coat of paint on the curtain brackets and started making boxes (for the drawers for my bookcase). Two of three boxes cut and glued. Tomorrow I’ll cut out the last box and glue it (I didn’t have enough clamps for all of them in one go).

When we got home it was just too beautiful to coop myself up inside so I made a coffee and had it on the porch out front. Lainee lay in the sun and we enjoyed some quiet time out there.

There is way less traffic out the front now, but this morning it seemed like business as usual when we tried to cross the road. I like this quieter version of Paros so much better.

I read a couple of blogs this afternoon and this post at Frugalwoods stood out with its ideas on how to help eachother during this time. I thought it was great and I agree with all she suggests. Unfortunately, with no income a lot of us can’t afford to order food in or buy things from local businesses. That’s the situation I’m in. I only buy what I need right now, and that’s mostly food for myself and Lainee. Oh, and the cat that doesn’t belong to me. And his friends.

I stress about finances a lot but I try to stay positive. I can’t stop my brain from buzzing at night and end up building things in my head as I lay there chasing illusive sleep. So far I’ve built my linen cupboard 3 times in different ways, reorganised my outdoor cupboard and moved it to 2 different positions so its not the first thing I look at outside my bedroom window… and moved pretty plants which have grown and flowered instantly to fill the spot where the cupboard is now creating a pretty view. I’ve painted rocks, painted some mixed media pieces and finished a papier mache bulldog I’m making for a friend. All while I lie in bed waiting for sleep…

Tonight I might try a bit of Baileys with ice. I think that will help. Or a cup of warm milk. Probably better for me but nowhere near as much fun.

Anyhoo, crafting awaits.



4 thoughts on “paros day 8: moving right along

  1. Katie’s been having problem with her sleep, too. She’s not sure how she is going to teach online, and it’s causing her some grief. She says that she’s out of sorts, and that shows in her inability to sleep well. We’re lucky financially, because she is still getting paid, and I get a government check for my disability, so we’re not hurting there. I’m naturally able to stay at home and not worry about anything. Katie is so used to her school routine that it’s difficult for her to operate in any other mode. We will make it work, though. I’m glad you have a place to go (your uncle) to do your handiwork. I can’t wait to see the curtain hung!


  2. The restrictions here actually depend on where you live. At this moment most businesses are closed. However if you work from home and have a small business with fewer than 10 employees you may do that. Otherwise you can only go out for groceries, pick up food, help the elderly and go to doctors and things like that. No elective surgery. Schools and Churches are closed. gatherings for more than 10 people together is prohibited with fines being levied. It’s pretty rough. Fortunately we can drive to pick up food at a local café if we want. Yesterday Timi went to the grocery. She got a nice ham which we will be eating off for a couple days anyway. In fact more than two days- it was big. We also have plenty of bread and a dozen eggs, some toilet paper, and general condiments. Three great grandchildren are here every day with their mother who is still grooming dogs here. She’s not real busy but she’s busy enough. No one has any symptoms of being sick. The weather has been lousy for the last two weeks. Starting tomorrow we should have some sunshine and will make it up to 80°F during the day. The dogs like everybody staying at home. The great granddaughter has a new ShizTzu baby puppy and he’s very cute and very small. We love puppies. I probably won’t get any more puppies. But as long as my family gets dogs I’ll have dogs around me no matter what. I just now had to two.

    I’ve turned off the news mostly and listened to Amazon Music on Alexa. I’m ok being a hermit.
    I have had quite a few friends call and one of them and I FACETIME daily and spend time making each other laugh! We’ve been friends at least for 25 years. We met living in the same town but have both left that town

    Stay well!


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