paros day 28: the end is in sight

Apparently the end is in sight. At least that’s what I read in a post my cousin forwarded. Remember, I don’t have actual TV so I don’t get news. I learn what’s going on in the world through people sharing stuff on messenger or Facebook. And my mom who I speak to every day.

I heard that come early May the restrictions in Greece will be lifted in stages. Slowly. We’ve had very strict restrictions here – Things shut down fast when COVID-19 came to Greece only essential services remain open. Now every time you go out you have to text a number or have a statutory declaration on a piece of paper with your name, address and the reason you’re out (there is a choice of 6 reasons you’re allowed out). People not adhering to the restrictions get on the spot fines of 150 euros. You have to have your phone if you texted your reason and ID with you at all times. There haven’t been any riots at supermarkets and hoarding either. Supply continues and you can shop for your food and products like before – except now you rarely find hand sanitizer and when you do, you pay triple for it.

It seems Greece finally did something right.

However, apparently, from the beginning of May and over a period of time from then till the end of September everything starts going back to normal. Or the new normal after the dust settles and we all find out if we still have jobs, if businesses can survive and if airlines still fly.

I remain skeptical. My theory is that its all very well to ‘flatten the curve’ and minimize and control the spread of COVID-19, but once you go back to business as usual, crowds of people and open borders, won’t we all be back at square one?

I don’t get it.

Still, its spring and we’re all starting to feel a bit better. Happens once the cold, rain and strong wind fades into sunny days. You sit outside and you enjoy the warmth of the sun, admire wildflowers on your walks… and generally begin to feel a little healthier again.

What I’m really saying is that I haven’t done an awful lot of artwork the last two days. Yesterday was spent more or less doing my ‘garden’… today I enjoyed a little more sun. All I have to share today is one very fat hamster on a round stone.

He’s very round and very fat. But rather cute despite that.

Other than that, I’ve got some things I found which I’m looking forward to working with. I have a new stash of marble to work on, and a couple of new ideas of things to make. A friend of mine is back to his workshop and said I can use the space and equipment so maybe I can finally make that linen cupboard I’ve been wanting to make for ages.

Its so good to have things to look forward to and be excited about doing.


7 thoughts on “paros day 28: the end is in sight

  1. Since a “state of emergency” was declared here in the USA, price gouging is punishable. That means no one can charge unreasonable fees for necessities, like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, cleansing products and groceries. People are hoarding. Every time we go to the grocery store, the shelves are empty in various departments, like those listed above as well as flour, sugar, tuna, pasta sauce and pasta. The canned vegetables are skimpy. If everyone would stop panicking, everyone could get a little bit of what they need.


    • Yes. I know. Its stupid. You only really need enough to get by for 2 weeks in case you are put in quarantine. Even then, you can order stuff online so you will NEVER be without food or necessities. Here in Greece one of the first things the government said was that the chain of supply will not stop, no need to hoard. Just buy what you need. It seems to have worked.


  2. Little rocky hamster is very cute! It’s a fun thing here that people paint on rocks. The rocks are then scattered in parks to be found by others. They then often exchange or put their own painted rocks down. It’s not happening now of course. I’m going to try and attach my personal rocks that I’ve received for a couple of birthdays. The Armadillo is a Texas favorite as is a song by George Strait! A great Texas country singer.

    Our restrictions are not quite as good as yours! I wish there was an immediate fine for all of the “socializing “ that was just so careless!

    I hope my rock picture attaches here!

    Stay safe. Ps. I can get NEWS all day! But I DON’T! Mostly just listen to music! Hugs!


    • The pics didnt attach but you can message me on messenger if you’re on there. I love George Strait. In fact I might feel like listening to him this morning while I do some painting… 🙂


  3. Love your rock animal.
    Here, they are talking about our closed borders being one of the last conditions to be lifted. But for your country, that would interfere with the Spring and summer tourism. 🤔


    • It already has interfered with bookings for summer. A lot of cancellations. People are hoping they might be able to visit in August or September, but who knows. Greece relies on tourism, without it a lot of businesses go broke and people have no jobs and there is no real ‘dole’ here like in Australia. Things will be bad with one lost tourism season…


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