paros day 31: a little green door

You know how ugly those electric power panels are… In Greece they’re usually in their own little cupboard with a textured glass door. I don’t have any before pics of mine but you can see a bit in the top left corner of the pic below. I often forget to do before pics till I’m at least halfway through a project.

I found that little panel unattractive. And since its right opposite my bedroom door, I also didn’t enjoy the red lights looking at me all night either.

To start with I just hung a vintage lace pillow case over the panel and that helped, but I wanted something better. In fact, what I wanted was to mount one of my chalkboards there on hinges… but then I couldn’t remove the door and I found some thin timber offcuts and decided to simply make a panel I could glue to the existing door. Much quicker and easier since hardware stores are closed and I haven’t got access to hinges.

I did the cutting up at my uncle’s house but then brought the little door home to work on it outside since the weather was so great. This is my outdoor area out the front. Its a lovely spot.

Of course Lainee was there to keep me company and oversee the project. She does like to make sure I don’t stuff things up.

So, as I said, no before pics, but this is the back of the door. My timber offcuts weren’t actually the right size so I had to do a little patchwork to make it work. I also didn’t have any tiny nails so I had to make do with what I had… hammering them through and out the other side, bending them, then grinding them down so they lay flat with the timber.

I cut out a small section where the handle of the existing door is. The handle was only a shallow thing in the metal door frame and I planned to add something on top of the door to hide it. This is how the front looked after one coat of white paint. Notice that the timber offcuts aren’t all exactly the same thickness or width… I liked that.

I mixed up some minty green using my artist acrylics and some white paint. Its really funny how often I make up this colour and always get the same shade even when I don’t have a reference!

I cut a heart shape out of a scrap bit of MDF to act as the new handle and glued it in place before painting the door front mint green. The back remains white so it looks neat through the glass when you open the door.

The minty green paint was great but was too clean and new looking… so I gave it a bit of a glaze using some burnt umber acrylic paint to give it that grimy look I so like.

I glued and clamped my new door panel to the front of the existing door till it dried.

And here’s the finished project. Not too bad I think. Once I make the linen cupboard I plan to make to sit underneath the panel this will be a cute little corner. No more red lights staring me in the face when I’m in bed, and now when I turn the boiler on I simply leave the door open to remind me to turn it off again!

Other than that, today was a pretty good day. In the morning I went to the nursery to buy some plants. A couple of spring days and I’m itching to garden! I got some lavender, a couple of gauras, a basil and some coriander seeds. And a blue hydrangea. I adore hydrangeas and never had a blue one. I really want this one to do well and given I have a huge pine tree creating more shade out the front than most plants can handle, I hope the hydrangea is happy there. I spent a bit of time outside playing with dirt. I love it.

Of course then the weather turned… we’d had a southerly wind all morning which was windy but warm. Then it turned southerly and cold and looks like its going to rain. I hope those plants survive the wind.


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