paros day 32: spreading the love with wire hearts

A day late again but who’s keeping track. One day is like another right now.

Today is a wonderful spring day. The wind that nearly blew us off the face of this rock called Paros yesterday has turned to a gentle breeze restoring life back everything you’d imagine it would be on a greek island.

Time for longer walks with Lainee once more. When its windy all we both want to do is get back inside where its so much more pleasant. But now, outside is nicer than inside, and by the end of the greek Easter weekend its going to be so warm I’m going to want to go swimming.

Of course, its not allowed… But maybe I can find some quiet little bay where no one will see me…

Anyhow, I wanted to share an ongoing project/idea I’ve had.

You know I always pick things up on our walks.. anything I find which I can carry home easily and which I think I can use to make something. I’ve always picked up rusty wire and bent it into hearts on walks, bringing them home to hang above my sink.

Well, lately I’ve begun to hang these hearts on people’s doors, gates, fences… I think its kind of sweet to think of someone finding a heart on their gate and wondering how it got there.

These are a couple I actually got photos of before leaving them behind.

Below are some I had hanging above my sink. This morning while photographing them I decided they would add a little something to my view, so I’ve now hung them in my window.

Imagine the window covered in hearts so that you look out through the hearts to the view…. an ongoing project!

I do love my rusty wire hearts. I’ve been making them for years out of any kind of wire or coat hanger I find, but this is the first time I’ve shared them with strangers like this.

I know some old parian redneck will probably find one and think ‘what rubbish is that on my gate’ and throw it away, but I like to think some people will be pleased with their little hearts and keep them as good luck charms.

Now I just have to start walking further and further cause I can’t just keep leaving hearts on the same houses!


1 thought on “paros day 32: spreading the love with wire hearts

  1. I would love to be the recipient of an art heart on my gate (which I don’t have, so it will need to be put on my mailbox by the road). It’s will be fun to see if the hearts stay while on one of your walks!

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