paros day 37: paintings on marble


Cause its really all I feel like doing lately. Maybe its the mediums of watercolour and watercolour pencil with some acrylic or gouache thrown in for something different. Maybe its the texture of the marble… Reminds me a bit of the stone in lithography… Whatever it is, I’m loving it.

As I mentioned, however, I do have a commission to do on paper in pastel so I have to get onto that. TOMORROW. Today is already half over and I’m tired. I went for a long walk with Lainee and was seriously wiped out after. Time to get something together for dinner and relax with a bit of Netflix.


I’m currently watching (and near the end of) Lovesick. I do love british TV. The show is light and easy to watch, not especially seat of your pants or anything, just the sort of thing to watch when you feel like having a little laugh watching others stuff up their love lives.

So, here is another art on marble fix…

Still on the sea life theme.

And something completely different!

I spent a bit of time yesterday working on my first ever podcast. I used to do a radio show for a few years when I lived in Tasmania. Every Sunday for 2 hours I’d be on the airwaves as Rockabilly Rebel on the local radio station. I loved it! Even when I stuffed up. I loved sharing my favourite music, I loved listening to it. A couple of times I even forgot to turn off the microphone and sang along loudly. Ugh.

Anyway, I’ve thought about doing a show on the internet since I moved to Greece, more to stay in touch with the people who listened to my show (and I do enjoy it!). But it all looked so complicated to me. I’d need all this equipment to do a professional job yada yada. I just wanted to have some fun.

Then a friend of mine sent me his experimental show and recommended Anchor as a very easy app to podcast direct from your mobile phone. I did a trial show you can find here, and I’m hooked. Tomorrow between painting and walking I think I’ll work on my next show. A full length one this time…

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “paros day 37: paintings on marble

  1. I finally got to hear your voice. I’m not much of a music listener, but your show is a winner. Such pep!

    Love your paintings. I especially like the lobster and the fish!


  2. Love your music, my husband loves it also. He is a music nut. Can’t sing a note but loves to listen. Has a spare bedroon full of music stuff. I would like to email you a picture of my rusty junk if you would like to see it. I don’t know how to mail it to you tho. Have been working to clean off my porch that my husband put onto the back of his workshop for me several years ago.


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