athens – a different story

This little wooden painting was something I did many many years ago. My aunt has had it on her wall since I did it. I love the lamb on the ground!

The blog used to be a blog on all the wonderful stuff I’ve been doing during the lockdown. I’m now in Athens… How life can change in a minute…

Thankfully, mom is fine. She’s back to normal, still has dizzy spells and needs to take it easy but the stroke was very light and she’s recovered completely. The dizzy spells are due to her low iron levels. Now she needs to be much more careful about stress and doing too much. That’s all fine. She’s been in lockdown and has had her shopping delivered till now so I’ll do that, which is fine. She is happy I’m here with her so thats all good.

My aunt on the other hand is a totally different story. She had a fall and is unable to do much on her own at all. She needs constant attention and care… I have to divide my time between both old ladies.

I brought my watercolours with me and a water colour pad and I HOPE to be able to do some painting while I’m here. I haven’t had time to yet but I hope I manage… For my own sanity.

I’ll try to blog about positive stuff on a daily basis still, but I won’t promise to. Cause you never know. Right now I’m on an ‘I hate Athens’ binge due to the fact that they are lifting restrictions slowly as of Monday and yesterday, May 1st, EVERYONE and his uncle (cause people were already taking dogs out) were out, kids running wild, I can just see the new spike on COVID 19 cases… sigh

I’m also not impressed by the idiots across the road who sat on their verandah in a group of 4 men, talking ALL night. And they don’t have to be LOUD to be loud when houses are so close as they are here… UGH.

As far as I’m concerned Athens is great when there’s less traffic and pollution you can go out to shop and have coffee with friends, but best in winter when you can close the doors and windows to keep out the hoise a well.


4 thoughts on “athens – a different story

  1. About the noisy neighbors keeping you awake…At night, Katie and I use a fan (white noise) to sleep. We’re lost if the electric goes out, though! So, maybe you can consider having a fan on. We drown out the barking dogs from next door. We’ve done this for years.


  2. Wow, so sorry to hear about your Mom’s stroke but thankful she is ok and has you to come help the two of them. Were you able to bring your sweet dog with you? A lockdown on Paros is so much different from a lockdown in Athens, I am sure.


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