Experimenting with drips, washes and general sloppiness that is.

Today I brought my paints downstairs to Aunt 1’s house so that I could work while I kept her company a while. Its not the ideal atmosphere in which to work, but at least I can try. Hence the experiment.

Once again, its on a small piece of paper using water colour paint and pencils. I’m not entirely happy with it but there are areas of it I do like. For instance I kinda like the fig on the left but I wouldn’t eat the one on the right… Maybe if I can get the colour and texture right it would be edible, but right now it looks downright sickly.

At least I have something creative to share, even if its a fail. Maybe if I keep working on it I’ll save it. Maybe not. You just never know… (queue mysterious music).

I mentioned buying some supplies, I bought image transfer medium and am playing around with that to see what it can do (or rather how I can incorporate it into stuff I do). I also bought a box cutter to sharpen the pastel pencils I brought with me cause the sharpener is useless… the pastel center keeps breaking! Maybe tomorrow I can have a go with those. That’s if I can sharpen them without ending up with nubs and a pile of pastel dust.

Other than that, its been HOT. Not lovely swim on the beach hot, but stinky Athens hot. And today I had to walk quite a way down the road to pay mom and Aunt 1’s mobile phone bills, up a hill cars struggle to get up and go to the laiki market and buy a ton of fruit and vegetables. Not something on my list of favourite things to do in the heat.

On the bright side, last night mom found her old electric fan and I put it in my room so no more stinky diesel smells, no heatstroke in a closed room and the noise covered the hoards of teenagers hanging out causing chaos in the park opposite. Mom said they kept her up till someone went out and told them off or threatened them or something at around 1.30am. I know he didn’t kill them cause I didn’t see any bodies when I took lainee out at 7am.

That’s one thing I will never understand… people who live in cities all their lives, surrounded by other people, sharing walls and breathing space with lots of others, yet have no respect whatsoever for other people’s peace. I don’t get it at all. When living in an apartment I’m always careful that my music or TV isn’t on too loud to disturb the neighbours. When I have visitors in summer and we sit outside I try to keep the noise down and never keep it going late into the night. If you wanna stay up chatting and laughing out loud all night go inside! And close the windows while you’re at it! Sheesh. What is it with people? And its not just the teens. One of the neighbours opposite does it all summer mom says.

That’s why I like living in the country.


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