a walk on the other side

I had my first swim of the year yesterday. As it turned out, I’d missed the heatwave last week cause I was in Athens, but yesterday was warm enough to swim and I never can resist the water when its flat and calm like that.

Its been an adventurous couple of days. On Thursday my cousin was arriving so I went by her house to open it up and air it out a bit, leave her the marble paintings she’d bought off me and found her bedroom was under water.

Turns out the dehumidifier she had running (standard and very necessary piece of equipment when you live on a Greek island) had lost its hose and filled the room with water. If there wasn’t a rubber strip at the bottom of the door for the flyscreen it would have flooded the whole house.

There was so much water in there Turkish fighter planes were flying over Greek waters just to stir up trouble.

There were hoons on jetskis zooming around under her bed.

The good news was there were no dead cockroaches floating around. Apparently they’d called in a natural disaster and the coast guard went in and got them out.

Seriously though. It was pretty bad. Took me over 1.5hrs to mop it up. My poor cousin has had her wooden furniture out in the sun drying the last couple of days. Ugh.

So, what do you do? You take a drive to Naousa to see what’s going on there. First thing we saw was the geese that live on the streets there have babies! Unlike when we (on the farm in Tassie) had baby geese, these guys had two. Only. I’d have to steal eggs, boil eggs and replace eggs just to keep the population down around our place. Seriously. One nest would easily hold 20 eggs! If I didn’t replace stolen eggs they just lay more. Maybe the stray cats got hundry enough to risk angry geese this year…

Naousa looks lovely when its quiet. Its the only time I like to go there actually. Before it fills up with crowds of people.

The most iconic greek scene: boats and drying octopus.

The most beautiful bar in Naousa with its bright pink bougainvilleas and doors… Turns out the flowers are fake! I sure didn’t know that. But still… it works. Its gorgeous.

Anyway, life goes on at its normally slow ‘getting back to normal’ pace. I’ve gotten my paperwork underway to start working for myself (the greek equivalent of getting an ABN – Australian Business Number, only a lot more costly in perpetuity) as I see its my only choice. I can’t do anything as a hobby here in Greece. Every cent you earn must be declared and taxed and people WILL dob you in if they see you selling or working without a permit. People really are awful. There was the story in the paper about 1-2 years ago when the tax department busted an old lady who sold hand knitted booties on her stoop to supplement her pathetic pension (cause the government has cut, trimmed and taxed the pension so no one can live on it alone). How low is that?

So, I’m not fighting it. I’m going to try to work within the system. Hell, if all else fails I’ll just return to Oz!

But I said I’d give it a chance and I will. Keep your fingers crossed that I actually make enough to pay the taxes and still afford to live.


4 thoughts on “a walk on the other side

  1. I watched a series called Durells in Corfu! (Not sure of spelling) but it sure didn’t this going on. 😀. But it was staged in the 40s!

    I loved the scenery and the culture that was shown. I’m certain after hearing all the news about Greece’s finances, it’s very different now. I would like it less there than here in the USA !

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    • I loved the Durrells show and the books which I read in school. As for the USA… yeah, well, I’m sorry but things are pretty awful over there right now and I don’t know how things will go…


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