i ate too much – lockdown 2 day 5

Today I didn’t do much work. I mean creative work. I had a serious craving for vietnamese rice paper rolls so I put most of my energy towards that. I have coriander growing in a pot on my front patio and it inspires me to make thai and vietnamese food…

Oh, I also moved a couple of small bits of furniture around in the house, but that doesn’t really count.

I went to the supermarket, the grocer and a mini market to get the supplies I needed to make the rolls. And I spent a really long time on 3 phone calls.

But I did make the rolls, and they turned out amazing!

I’ve made them before so I already knew what I was doing. But I’d never made the peanut dipping sauce before. I’m glad I made it though, it really is the best way to eat the rolls.

This is the recipe I followed, very simple. And apart from having to have everything prepared in separate bowls to put together, really easy to make, even if you’re not sure how to roll them.

I made mine with prawns, some shredded leftover roast chicken breast, rice noodles, cucumber, lettuce, red pepper and carrot. And coriander of course. I skipped the avocado cause the only ones I found would have been more use as a weapon of mass destruction and cost more than I made in a hour at my last job.

End result: they were delicious. But maybe eating four of them was too much…

Meanwhile I’ve started another animal scultpure and worked further on one of the dogs… stay tuned.


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