brienne of tarth – lockdown 2 day 13

Hey, finally a project to share.

One you’ve already seen a preview of.

Brienne of Tarth, that big strapping woman made out of a skinny big-headed Bratz doll. Sort of the opposite of the real Brienne – here is the real Brienne:

And here is my Brienne:

And her armour and sword:

Ok, so the pictures suck. I haven’t yet found that sweet spot to set up my lightbox. Or any spot for that matter. (sigh). I’m doing what I can with what I have but turns out the best photos are those taken outside on overcast days when there isn’t a storm on outside.

Today is not that day. Rain all day, cold, intensely windy, and just downright unpleasant. I can’t find Lainee’s raincoat so she had to wear a knitted jumper. Warm but not waterproof. Poor girl. The things she has to put up with…

Anyway, here are some in progress pics of Brienne – who I began back in Tasmania…

Step 1 in Brienne’s costume.
Working on Brienne and Cersei at the same time – doing hair.

I always start with the hair first – detangling and fixing, cutting or replacing if necessary. Then I work on the face, going on to the costume, but the final setting of the hair has to be done after I’m done man-handling the doll. Hence the naked ladies above. It does look odd when I have various naked dolls around the house in different stages of work. Like some kind of serial killer in training.

Ok. Time to find something to eat. Its been another on and off creative day. Time to give up and relax.


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