fetch! – lockdown 2 day 19

Wow. Day 18 already. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Lockdown is said to be extended and apparently they’re warning that the next couple of weeks will be the worst in terms of deaths. I don’t actually know cause I never watch the news. Its too depressing. I prefer to bury my head in the sand and watch Netflix. I just finished “The Crown” and “In Between” and “Between” (those last two came up together when I was browsing so I added them to my list on the same day).

Yeah, I watch too much TV, but at least I (mostly) work while watching.

Today I’m sharing Fetch, another dog sculpture made of all the usual ingredients. Only this time I’ve left him ‘au naturel’ – no fabric, no paint, just the clay. I actually love him like that.

Below are the usual steps to creating him. I started with cardboard, wire and masking tape, then paper mache in strips and lastly adding a topcoat and details with paper mache clay.

Click on the images to expand.

This time I’ve included a stick I collected from the beach, a tiny bit of driftwood. I knew I picked it up for something! I just had to find a use for it!

He’s also wearing one of the tiny scrappy bits of fabric I hold onto cause I know they’ll come in handy one day. See? This one came in handy!

Here are some hero shots, taken on an overcast and not windy day. Ideal photo taking conditions.

So far he’s my favourite but then again… I love all of them. They are all so different. Just like dogs!

I will probably seal him with something before he’s ready to go to a loving home, to protect him, but he’s finished.

I think I may have found my ‘groove’… I love making these dog figures and experimenting with different looks and finishes. I also love being able to capture personality in my sculptures.

I ‘feel’ dogs. Maybe Eric will help me ‘feel’ cats too.


3 thoughts on “fetch! – lockdown 2 day 19

    • I am planning to have an exhibition of artwork next summer some time. Most of my work is a mix of art from trash, mixed media and I will have some painting as well. But I love recycling and upcycling stuff more than anything!

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