kitten playland – lockdown 2 day 21

Today was a busy day. Very busy. I had a ton of things to do… none of them creative.

But after visiting to supermarket I went through their bins and got a few small cardboard boxes to make Eric a kitty playland.

I used 5 small boxes and an extra large coffee cup to create this monstrosity, now sitting in the middle of my living room.

Lainee was a bit envious. I never made her a playland… (its ok Lainee, Eric doesn’t get to sleep on my bed!)

Ok, so its not pretty, and its small, got small doors and crawl spaces, plus slots for little nails to poke out of. The boxes interconnect with little doors leading through one to the other, side to side and up and down. I hope he likes it.

It still needs a few things. I could only find one bit of crinkly stiff plastic that I hung off one side. Eric approves of that. I plan to add more. I need some small toys attached with string or ribbon, plus something bouncy and dangly on wire. That ought to get his attention. For now he’s only barely explored it.

Like I said, not very creative today, but at least I got this done.

I’ve been giving thought to my next dog sculpture though and have some ideas. Who knows, I might start tomorrow. I have some air dry clay bowls to finish before I make more, so plan to work on them tomorrow too.

I PLAN to…


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