big question #2 – lockdown 2 day 24

Is it art or is it craft?

I know that my friends have said I am definitely an artist, but this is part two of the big question…

Am I an artist or crafter?

I create stuff which is aesthetic, but (a lot of times) also has a use in every day life… and by definition, isn’t that craft?

Basically, since I am no longer painting or drawing or religiously following what is traditionally known as ‘art’, can I consider myself an artist?

I did some research on the subject…

These are some of the things I found:

Definition of Art

We define the term ‘art’ is an expression and application of imagination, feelings, thoughts, ideas or any other human creativity, in a visual form, having aesthetic and emotional value.

A piece of art has an intended meaning that provokes a person’s feelings. It has a limitless expression and endless interpretation, which depends on the person.

Definition of Craft

The term ‘craft’ implies an activity involving skill and experience in the creation of handmade tangible objects that fulfill a particular purpose. It is defined as the production of those objects that has utility for people. The purpose can be decorative or functional or both, depending on the use.

Craft is a product of the mind; that attracts people. It is a learned ability, which is acquired by a person through regular practice.

Here are the bullet points:

  • Art is a type of work that expresses emotions
  • An artist makes art that comes straight from his soul and heart
  • Art is the result of the natural and inborn talent of a person
  • Craft is a type of work that is in the form of tangible output
  • Craft is the result of skill, experience, and training
  • Craft comes from the mind

Both art and craft are creative results of an imaginative mind. Both need skill and talent, though in its simplest forms craft can be learned whereas talent cannot be taught.

So, does that answer my question?

Not really. Cause I do both. I have talent (doubt myself as I may, I know I have talent) and imagination. I can do original work in the traditional ‘art’ fields like painting, printmaking, sculpture etc. But I can also sew, weave (in my own way), felt and other things along that vein. I create using fabric, clay, pastels, paint, found items, trash… I love to experiment and love accidental art. I love to mix things up and to try new things.

Surely that makes me an artist.

So, after all that soul searching I ask this:

Do we need to define ourselves as one or the other?


Must we have a theory behind our work, whatever medium we chose to create (and express ourselves) through?


1 thought on “big question #2 – lockdown 2 day 24

  1. Crafts can be taught but not everyone is great at it. It takes an artist to bring through the beauty in the craft with their own special quality. You are an artist!!

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