chewie – lockdown 2 day 34

The latest finished dog sculpture. I call this one Chewie for obvious reasons. He was inspired by my friend who just bought her dog a new rope toy.

This little fellow is made slightly differently to the previous dogs cause he was made using air dry clay. I started with a cardboard and wire armature to get the shape, then worked on building him up with clay.

Since the clay is already white I opted for not painting him or covering him with anything. Just letting the clay speak for itself.

Ooops. I forgot to give him a scrappy bandana like I did the others. Must get onto that.

Anyway, he’s finished and its time to move onto another dog or two.

Some more dishes or clay objects.

I need to sew some more masks. And a new bed for Lainee…

Tidy and organise my house. Again. Its a constant job that one.

It never ends.

This morning I helped a friend catch another 4 stray cats to be neutered on the council bill. They were not happy about it! One was a big old tom cat. We really wanted to catch the huge mean tom that hangs around but he’s way too clever for me. I think we need an elephant tranquilizer dart to catch him.

Don’t look at me. I’m a really bad shot.

Had lunch at Aunt 2’s house with mom and Aunt 3 and got caught in a wild rain storm on the way to the car. We were both soaked to the skin. Its funny how it comes on suddenly like that on Paros. One moment its quiet and overcast. Next minute it starts pelting down, thunder and lightning, gusts of wind blowing the rain into your face in sheets. Rivers form in the narrow streets instantly to make sure you get soaked from top and bottom simultaneously.

5-10 minutes later its all quiet, no more rain. No more wind. No more crashing thunder.

The only way you can tell it happened at all is that the rivers form lakes in the narrow streets in town and on the side of the roads which last a while. Drainage isn’t a ‘thing’ on greek islands.


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