the squirt bottle no longer works – lockdown 2 day 49

Eric is a very demanding kitten. Especially when I’m eating breakfast. I should never have let him sit on my lap when he was tiny, then never given him a taste of panettone. Now when I sit down to breakfast and coffee at the computer in the morning one hand is busy lifting him off my lap and plopping him on the ground constantly. Even when he has his own breakfast with a dab of butter on it. Even when I’m not having panettone. And the squire bottle doesn’t work any more. He takes it in the face and barely blinks. sigh.

I’ve created a monster.

Yesterday I tried the new WordPress feature of ‘Stories’. I was uploading the pics of the girls with their Christmas bandanas and thought “why not give it a try?” Turns out it didn’t let me add any text and you have to actually click on the one pic it shows to view the rest.

Not exactly what I thought it would be… Won’t be using that feature again.

So, Christmas has come and gone. New Years Eve has never been a big thing for me, and with lockdown, there won’t be much in the way of New Years Eve celebrations.

The greek tradition is families get together and play cards, dance, eat, etc, till midnight. Then they cut the Vasilopita which is a cake with a coin in it. Mom always made a walnut cake for NYE and it was delicious. Most cakes are plainer and often made like the Easter tsoureki (which I find to be a sort of boring version of Panettone. I’m sure Eric wouldn’t like it.)

At midnight dad would do the sign of the cross on the cake (to be honest until I read that bit on Wikipedia I thought he was dividing the cake into quarters in order to more easily slice it up!) and then cut a slice for Jesus, for our home, for our family in order of age, then for the rest of the visitors. There was a coin in the cake and whoever found it was meant to have good luck for the rest of the year. I got the coin for the first time ever in 2019 at a friend’s house. I took it to mean my move to Greece was the right one.

This year I anticipate some people will risk curfew and go to friends or family and have the celebration while most will stick at home in their own little family unit. Unless they lift curfew for that one night.

I’d say doubtful, but this is Greece so who knows.

Personally I’ll be home watching Netflix till I get sleepy. At least thats the plan.


1 thought on “the squirt bottle no longer works – lockdown 2 day 49

  1. We’ll be lucky to stay up until midnight to greet the new year! I’m sure the gun shots will go off, as usual. Silly people don’t know that the bullet must fall to earth somewhere! If I don’t say it closer to the time, I want to wish you the best in the new year. Make your own cake and add a coin for each slice, then eat it all! lol Lots of luck for you!


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