hot dog! lockdown 2 day 51

We’re still in lockdown, though some things have opened again. With restrictions of course. Some stores you can’t go into at all, you have to order online and collect only. Others, smaller ones, you just go to the door and ask for what you want. Still others may allow you in after sneaking a quick look around. I think this is in response to people needing to buy things other than food and medicine, but also to keep the economy ticking over even at a snail’s pace.

Meanwhile I tried to get photos of the latest finished dog sculpture. These are the photos I got:

Eventually they lost interest in the new object and moved on so I got these. Not the best background for this particular dog I’m afraid.

This little fellow is made the usual way with toilet paper rolls, cardboard, wire, newspaper, masking tape, air dry clay, DIY paper pulp. Then he was finished with decoupage using lovely scrap booking papers a friend gave me. Oh, and a little newsprint, cause, why not.

The photos don’t do him justice.

I’m loving my doggie shelf meanwhile…

Not nearly enough for an exhibition of course. Not yet. Loads more work to do. Never enough time.

Well, not when I spend lazy days napping in the afternoon.

Sheesh. I need more structure in my life again. A schedule. A timetable. Deadlines. I work well with deadlines.

Anyway, I’m off to get some work done!


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