shush – lockdown 2 day 65

Shhhhh, don’t speak!

Not a single creative thing done today, and probaly not tomorrow either at the rate I’m going.

I spent the day doing stuff around town and with mom, groomed a friend’s dog and finally organised the suitcases under my bed.

I’ve had these suitcases for years. I love them stacked in corners to hold all kinds of things I’ve collected or saved. I had them stacked in the guest room In Tasmania.

I had them stacked in the bedroom here, with the smaller ones in the living room on the bookcase. They’re really great for storage and look pretty too.

I replaced them with a table in the bedroom now so they moved under the bed where they’re very useful as pull out drawer storage. Easier than having to move a lot of suitcases to get to the bottom one.

The main problem with them was that over the last year their contents have become rather messed up. Now I have them sorted according to type. One holds all the white and natural fabrics I use a lot of. One contains all my cotton/quilting fabric. One contains vintage fabric and lace plus some collectible stuff. Another holds fabric scraps cause I just can’t bring myself to throw out anything I might be able to use. They’re all tagged and labelled now so I don’t have to drag them all out to search for what I’m after.

Now I also have 4 bags of things to give away on the new Buy Nothing group on Paros (on FB). I already got audiobooks off that list so I’m happy.

Have you heard of the local buy nothing groups which are forming around the world? I think its a brilliant idea.

So, although I didn’t do much in the way of creativity, I did make the place a neater. Though I still can’t see my table top.


3 thoughts on “shush – lockdown 2 day 65

  1. Organizing is some feat! I don’t seem to have a place to turn around in my studio, it seems. I suppose that being able to find what I’m looking for is enough for now…real organization can come later!

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