break out – lockdown 2 day 80

I managed to get out for a couple of hours yesterday, to explore and see a bit of Ermoupolis, the capital of the Cyclades Islands. Then this morning I was out again, running all over the place doing errands like getting tickets for our return tonight, buying turkish delight for mom and others (a specialty of Syros) and bananas for Aunt 1 cause she won’t eat much and the Dr said to feed her bananas.

I had a bad night last night, not sure why but I had my old stomach issues re-visit me, kept me up half the night. I’m ok today but feeling a little delicate and tired. I’m so looking forward to being back home with Lainee and Eric.

So here are some photos I took of the town. Its very different from Paros and the other Cyclades cause Ermoupolis is full of neoclassical buildings, nothing like the small white washed buildings of most of the other island towns.

I have finally seen a bit of the town so I’m glad I had the opportunity. Though cafes and restaurants are all closed and the town is very quiet, it was still nice to walk around a bit. Syros is nice to visit if you don’t have to spend your time in the hospital.

There are a couple of things I noticed which stood out to me. Good and bad.

Good is that drivers actually give way to pedestrians here. Unlike most everywhere else. Who knew?

Bad is that I saw tons of stray cats. Virtually tons of them. And not a single one had a notch out of its ear to indicate it had been neutered. That really worries me. Also, where most of the cats in the Parikia streets are calm and friendly, most cats here seem very scared of people.
I love the old shutters, I’d never seen this kind of shutter in Greece before.
There are so many old, abandoned and falling down mansions… Its beautiful but so sad.


7 thoughts on “break out – lockdown 2 day 80

  1. That’s too bad that no one is taking care of the kitties. Sad. The island does look like a nice place to explore. It’s bright and sunny here today, but it’s only about 50°F. Katie’s home from the hospital…YAY! It’s a nice day.

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