back home, still in lockdown

I’m home, and I’m not. In fact I’ve been home for over a week now but at this very moment I’m house sitting/dog sitting with a couple of cuties I groom.

This is Lily, a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier who lost her sight when she was a pup and got her first vaccinations. My opinion: never do 4 or 5 in ones!!! She’s the sweetest, cuddly girl.

This is Amy, a Bichon x Poodle and a real character. Would you believe these girls LOVE cabbage? Raw cabbage is their favourite treat!

And this of course is a very furry Lainee enjoying her time dog sitting as well.

I’ve barely done anything creative since I’ve been back on Paros. First it was the need to rest and recouperate from the ordeal. Then it was just lack of motivation brought upon by a pain in my side due to the tube I still have sticking out of my abdomen to collect any bile still leaking from the site.

Thankfully the leak has reduced to only enough to dirty the bag… I change it every 2nd day as per the instructions… I could do it once a day if I wanted, but the guy said once every second was fine and to be honest, its not a pleasant task so I tend to put it off.

I’m trying to get in touch with the doctor in Athens but doctors are notoriously hard to get a hold of. Last week I sent him and email then left a voicemail alerting him to the email. That worked. Hopefully it will work this time too. I basically need to know when I should fly to Athens to get the tube removed. I could go to Syros on the ferry, its closer and cheaper, but either place necessitates at least one night away from home. In Athens I can stay with a cousin, on Syros I’d need a hotel. But if I go to Athens its a better hospital so my first choice is Athens.

Naturally its a public holiday this coming Thursday so flights are expensive and seats are scarce… and this despite ‘strict restrictions’ on travel outside your own council!!!! People are still travelling for a quick holiday!

Oh the idiocy of these restrictions. The greek government has been playing fast and loose with the whole thing. One minute everything is closed, curfews in place etc. Next minute junior schools are open but not universities or high schools. Next some retail is allowed to open with restrictions on customers allowed inside a shop, then a local coffee shop and customers get fined cause 2 people bought coffee and stood outside to drink it. Then they tighten restrictions: you can only shop within 2klms of your house, ie within your council… but Zefi and I flew to Paros and not a single person asked us where we going, why we were travelling and did we have paperwork to show we had an acceptable reason to travel or even if we had a current clear COVID test. We had all the necessary paperwork, but it didn’t matter. hmph. Greece is open for business in May, an early start to tourism we’re told, islanders are being given vaccines as a priority to keep the islands safe, yet there isn’t enough time to vaccinate the residents of the islands, nor the available vaccinations as far as anyone knows, so… again… its all bull—-.


So, here I am. Back home, with two trips to Athens (or Syros) in my future to remove the tube then the stent. I want to be creative again but that’s sort of playing on my mind and not allowing me to really get on with it. I’m even finding it hard to blog… but I’m going to make an effort to do post regularly and get back into the rhythm I had before. It gives me a purpose and inspires me to be more creative. I hope it inspires others too.

Meanwhile I’ve started grooming again, slowly, getting others to do the heavy lifting where possible. Learned that the hard way: had to lift a naughty dog back onto the table 3 times the first time I groomed and was sore the next day. Rested a few days and back at it, more carefully now…

I’ve also done what I told myself I must do while in hospital hating Greece and the health system here: I’m sticking to a healthy eating plan, starting meditation and will start yoga soon as I’m able to do that, then also pilates soon as I’m strong enough to start that.

The new improved Zefi.

Gotta see it to believe it!


7 thoughts on “back home, still in lockdown

  1. I am so glad to hear from you. I was getting worried. With all this crap, one never knows what will happen. We have lost several people we know with covid. It is still a shock when they seem healthy one day and the next few days they died. Again happy you are back. Take care of yourself because no one else can.

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  2. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you’ve been. Now, I know. I’ve missed hearing from you. How is your aunt…the one with dementia who you accompanied to the hospital on a different island, I believe? I hope she’s doing well, health-wise. It sounds like you have to take care of not so fun things about your body. I’m glad you’re healing, and it sounds like you have things under control. Take good care of yourself! I’m glad you’re going to be blogging on a more regular basis as it’s always good to hear from you!

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  3. Wow, Zef. It’s a tough time but at least you are back with Lainee and grooming some! My granddaughter, the groomer, is moving to a new shop on May 1. She’s a little nervous about rent cost, but I’m pretty sure she will be ok. She stopped grooming almost all of the doodles who came here as they were the wild and untrained ones and physically damaging her! But she kept a few big dogs who are well-trained to grooming. Her hydraulic table allows that.

    Like you, I’m so against multiple vaccines at the same time especially for the little dogs. I took my littles separately also for rabies vaccines!

    Speaking of vaccines, the three adults in my house all got their two doses of COVID vaccines with no side effects other than a sore arm!

    Where I live, the governor has declared all businesses OPEN at 100% capacity! And it will be up to the businesses whether or not to allow people in without masks! This is bull in my opinion. 😡
    He “encourages “ people to wear masks! What an idiot! Actually not wearing a mask IF a business requires you to is illegal. Two arrests have been made for “illegal trespass “ (aka no mask)! Lol

    Hope you get your tubes and stent out soon!


    • Wow. Amazing that your governor is being so stupid in the face of this whole thing. Sure, COVID 19 doesnt have the same death rate as some of the other viruses, but its still a big deal when so many are affected and the health systems can’t cope (like in Greece now).

      I think you’re daughter will do fine too. I wish I had a space like i did in Australia: at home, a workshop and a grooming room so I could work from home. But I don’t. So for now I go to people’s homes to groom and do the rare dog a home which isn’t ideal. Oh well. It will work out somehow, some day.


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