tube free! lockdown 2 day 130

Today I made a trip to the Paros Health Centre. I haven’t been able to get in touch with the surgeon in Athens and I was worried cause the area around the tube was red and looked like I might be getting an infection.

While there I spoke with the surgeon on Syros (who answered his phone!) and told him what was going on. I’d been fully prepared for the health centre docs to look me over, give me antibiotics if necessary and plan a trip to Syros to remove the tube.

Well, the docs spoke on the phone and they removed the tube then and there! I was expecting a small tube, I don’t know, a few inches inside… but that sucker just kept coming and coming. Like a mile of tubing inside me. Ugh.

Its amazing. I no longer have a bag attached to my stomach. I feel free.

Of course, I still have a hole in my abdomen but I’m assured that if I cough my guts won’t fall out.

The doctor cleaned it up and put a dressing on it, saying I need to go back every couple of days to have it changed so they can keep an eye on it, that its healing ok, but once they’re satisfied its healing I can change the dressing myself. Sponge baths it is for a while. Small price to pay for that sense of freedom.

Though having a hole in my stomach is rather uncomfortable feeling. I do have some pain, not a lot, more like a stitch in that side when I breathe. Hopefully that will settle in a day or two.

Thats my big news. Enjoy some happy dog cuddle pics. I do love these girls.


2 thoughts on “tube free! lockdown 2 day 130

  1. That’s kinda funny, not ha ha funny, that the tube just seemed to keep coming out of you. I had a gastro tube that was for feeding myself, and those kind heal up in a few days as long as the tube is gone. The body is pretty resilient. I hope your healing doesn’t take long. I’m glad you’re with the girls to heal! That’s probably what you need! lol


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