nothing to see here – lockdown 2 day 134

So, where was I?

Talking about restless nights and creativity interrupted.

The weather turned nasty again today. Well, overnight it rained, then today the wind changed direction bringing cold wind instead of the warm wind we’d had for days. Just as windy mind you, just a drop in temperature. Add a snowy cold drizzle on that wind and basically its not that pleasant being outside.

I did spend a tiny amount of time outside today, only when necessary. I’d put some sweet pea seeds in water and planted some outside mom’s room. I really hope they take off there like they did outside the house in Tasmania. I had this huge bush of colourful sweet smelling flowers climbing on a trellis. They would grow all year round, self seed and keep going. I put some in pots out the back here too so hopefully I’ll have my own to enjoy.

I did a little touch-up on some really badly painted fittings (with ugly gold paint) on a wooden chest my cousin has. Simply trying to make them look less fake. Here are a before and after.

Nothing much, but I do think they look less ‘icky’.

Back there to finish them off tomorrow. And another trip to the health center to get my dressing changed. And perhaps a stop at the supermarket for a few odds and ends. Vegetables mainly. I’m out and I need some. I made oven cooked wedges for lunch/dinner today and they were great, but you dont want to live on that!


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