family meals – lockdown 2 day 143

Another memory from 2013. It seems like such a long time ago. Another lifetime with the way life has changed since then.

To read click here – impressions about Greece and stories about my family.

Today has been a very busy day. I took Zefi to the airport to return to Athens then I went to groom a friends dogs and ended up having lunch there and talking for hours.

All this after Zefi corrupted me.

Not that it took much to corrupt me.

She sent me a link to a vintage piece on FB and I promptly bought it without checking the measurements for my space. Then after dropping her off at the airport I stopped in at an antique store and bought another cabinet which will definitely fit. Both need work. And I will make space for both of them!

I blame Zefi for everything… for getting me in the mood to spend money and for getting me on the road to finding something I loved.

Eh. I gave her the power tool bug, its only fair she give me something in return…

Such is life.


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